Press Release by Sincan-Kayaş Commuter Line at Sincan Station

SİNCAN-KAYAŞ commuter train operation has not been carried out since the date of 01.08.2011 with the reason of some works of Başkentray Project and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. In order to protest this arbitrary attitude and to announce the demand for the resumption of commuter train services between SİNCAN and KAYAŞ,

With the participation of the Parties, Associations and Democratic Mass Organizations in Sincan District, our Union made a press release today -18 FEBRUARY 2012, SATURDAY- in front of Sincan Station at 13.00. The press release read by Yavuz DEMİRKOL, the President of our Union, is attached.


Press and Public

Dear press workers,

XIII-Kayaş commuter train operation between the TCDD General Directorate and the constitution of the constitutional amendment and the commencement of the 12 June 2011.

Yet, the Başkentray Project has not even been auctioned. The General Directorate of TCDD canceled the suburban flights between Xinjiang and Kayaş without the tender of the capital city, and at the same time it committed a crime by preventing the public's right of transportation. The work done by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at some points is not an obstacle for the commuter train operations. It is not something that trains have been removed from the flight for so long because of similar works on railways. The current job in the railways is the construction of a new road next to the existing roads between Ankara and Sincan. There is no study on the railway between Ankara and Kayaş.

We are the railroadmen who are the closest witness to the grievances of our citizens traveling in Sincan-Kayaş. We suffer from this grievance and we live together on our arrival. After the removal of the commuter trains from the expedition, TCDD management only operated the suburb of Polatlı, allowing only the trainers living in Xinjiang to take advantage of the trains at certain times.

Between Ankara and Sincan-Ankara high-speed train, conventional passenger and freight train, between Ankara and Kayas in the conventional passenger and freight train operations, although the operation of the suburban train is not an arbitrary attitude.

Also, the part of Ankara-İstanbul railway between 56 and Gebze-Köseköy was closed on the grounds that the new road in 01 February 2012 coincided with the existing roads. The aim of the project is to shut down the road and to shut down Haydarpaşa Gar to the railway operation with the Marmaray Project.

Dear press workers,

Since the 202 days, no suburban train transportation has been made between Xinjiang and Kayaş Stations. Thousands of our citizens have been deprived of railway transportation, which is a public service. Suburban trains, especially students, workers, officers, pensioners and so on. Considering the use of our citizens with low income, our citizens have been victimized in economic sense.

The application of the termination of passenger trains by putting forward various reasons is nothing but a reflection of the policies implemented under the name of lar Restructuring of Railways Yolcu.

The "Rehabilitation, Restructuring and Financing Report of TCDD" prepared by Booz-Allen & Hamilton Company in 1995 with the financing of the World Bank

In the report titled ıl TCDD is mainly engaged in freight transportation, in the case of passenger transportation, using prestige trains m In the report published by Canac in 2002, yayınlan the closure of non-profit lines, the sale and demolition of the stations and other railway buildings in these lines so that they will not be opened again, It was foreseen to abandon the passenger transportation except for the prestige train, to dispose of the land and buildings where the transportation was removed, and to privatize the prestige trains.

Looking at the latest practices, the demands expressed in both reports coincide with the determination of the political will in this direction.

In other words, TCDD, as a public institution, has set aside the role of public enterprise and based on profitability. With these applications, the right of the people who want to take advantage of the railway which is a public transportation vehicle is prevented.

Since the 2002, when the AKP came to power, it has taken many steps towards the liquidation of the public space. In this context, services that are previously free of charge, especially in the field of health, are now paid for.

While the AKP government said that the railroads made the state policy in every platform, and that they had survived the era, the 11 thousand kilometer conventional line was left to its fate while the high speed train operated between Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya was highlighted. The construction of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, which was laid in 2003 by Prime Minister Erdoğan and stated to be operational in 2005, could not be completed by the year of 2012. While the highway weight in the transportation is increasing, our citizens are convicted by the latest applications.

Also, the subway construction of Batikent-Sincan, Kizilay-Cayyolu and Tandogan-Kecioren subways has not been completed due to the rational use of the municipality's resources.

Dear press workers,

The decision to terminate commuter train operations is an incorrect decision. In order to overcome the grievances of thousands of our citizens who have suffered from this wrong decision, we call on the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) to return to the suburban train operation once again and to call on the trainers of all the people of Ankara, including the public service and the rights of transportation.

On behalf of our union, we would like to thank the representatives and members of the political parties, the members of the union and democratic mass organizations, our colleagues and our valuable people for their sensitivity. After that, we are ready to fight together in their struggle to indicate that we are ready.


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