Opposition to the move of TÜVASAŞ

📩 22/12/2018 16:41

Some of the rhetoric of TÜVASAŞ, which has been on the agenda in recent weeks, has begun to break its mouth in order to oppose the discourse ...
Speaking of the fact that TÜVASAŞ, which is only in the talk (which is on the agenda in the medium term), has not been reminded of the reason for the removal of TÜVASAŞ, has taken place in the fire of the example, by noting that the location of TÜLOMSAŞ has not changed.
The fact that the opponents carry the words that are not even said in the fight to the columns of their corners and decorate them with news spots shows that the moral values ​​of those who use the sentences are lacking Muh
Nobody can say anything to those who oppose the removal of TÜVASAŞ.
Everyone says the idea of ​​free and explains, but in ini
However, swearing, defamation and even insulting the removal of the factory by insulting the person and the political identity of those who bear the identity Ancak
Nobody should be able to oppose a matter by insulting amalı
Nobody should be told by opposition to the word he does not want to be told ine
This is the speeches abı
This is the rule of writing Yazma
To make annoying izce
What fits into democracy as
Nor freedom Ne
This is the discourse that smart people will not use…
These so-called species do not have any political place in society ona
We think that we will get what we want by saying l
You can not ...
Rather, you invite to quickly implement the subject of discourse and thought ın
Nobody takes you seriously, you know Sizi
The smart people do not give to people who live in their minds tutul
Who listens to the kim
Who cares about those who write and draw under the belly and belly ...
Edeple rudeness does not stop somewhere le
Moral mouth, immoral words will not be poured Ah
Here, let me give an es im
I'm going to record this without forgetting Unut
Speaking of TÜLOMSAŞ (also) I felt the need to provide another new information…
This information is not comment yorum
Again, according to the ministry Yine
TÜLOMSAŞ, which produced locomotives in ESKİŞEHİR (wagon tow tractor) over time, will also be moved out of the city…
Last sentence…
I was against the privatization of TÜVASAŞ yesterday, I am against today, I will be against tomorrow…

Maltepe Mahallesi is one of the largest neighborhoods of Adapazarı district Malt
Citizens who want to go to work early in the morning usually prefer the buses of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality…
In the early hours of the morning and during the cold days of this winter, the city buses are sometimes used as ve
Air conditioners of old passenger buses do not work Eski
When you get on the bus, you walk outside, you drive by car Ot
It doesn't matter Hiç
Because there is also a freezing cold bus outside.
It's just that you arrive earlier than the time you go by foot.
In a ...
Especially why (?) Maltepe neighborhood is full of municipal buses given adı
Is it because the neighborhood is suburban?
Head of Metropolitan Transportation Department, I tell you Büyük
Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu does not allow the subject to know Belediye
Get the news…
To meet you on Saturday Cumartesi
Stay healthy ...

Source: Neşat Sazoğlu

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