Nostalgic tram going.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, the nostalgic tram is very old and have difficulty in finding spare parts, said:

Mayor Akaydın met with the presidents and representatives of the citizens' associations at breakfast. Speaking at the meeting attended by 49 association president and representative, Akaydın answered questions of the chairmen of the association and listened to their suggestions. Antalya is very immigrant, is a multi-cultural city describing the Akaydın, "We are all true Antalya and we have a common culture," he said. Giving information on his services over the 3 years, Akaydın noted that since 480 has paid a million pounds in debt, 2 will pay a debt of about 220 million pounds in the year. Akaydın stated that they have invested on 500 million liras despite the debt burden. 251 will finish the problem of drinking water and wastewater in Antalya after years X.

3 large pit of Antalya

3 annually 300 thousand tons of hot asphalt pouring hot asphalts Akaydın stating that the year, the largest share of asphalt Kepez'in said. Şt 3 large pit, üz said Akaydın, who stated that they had started to work in the Schools district, said: ı The project will be completed in July and the area will be the square and the park and the six will be the biggest parking garage in Antalya. Archaeological excavations in the East Garage area are over. We've settled with the contractor. We continue our efforts to re-tender the East Garage as a culture and shopping center. 100. In the year, the authority is authorized by the General Directorate of Youth Services and Sports. Akaydın stated that the municipality produced its own plant with the established planting plants.

New transportation model

President Akaydin, a question asked about the future of the tram of the nostalgia, said they were working on a new transport model to replace the tram. Akaydın, the nostalgia tram is very old and had difficulty in finding spare parts told. Referring to a new line work Akaydın, lar We foresee a tire transportation. It can even work on eurodizel, hybrid or electric bus model. Currently we do not intend to extend the line to the Faculty of Medicine, but after the completion of the Transport Master Plan, we will make a final decision on the basis of the data obtained. We expect the transportation Master Plan to be completed in the summer months. Ulaşım President Akaydın supported the suggestion by the citizens' associations that local cultures should be presented as a festival. I'm very happy. Install a commission. I am ready to give all the support I can. Ben


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