14 annual dream of native tram!

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, 2009 in Bursa to start the production of local tram 14 years ago, but they are not encouraged to work, he said.

Chairman Altepe, TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch Board members were hosted in the chairmanship of BUSKI. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President Ibrahim Mart, Deputy Chairman Feridun Tetik, Secretary Fikri Idea, Treasurer Fikret Tsar and Board Member Hülya Varlık joined the agenda of the local tram production.

Providing information about the history of domestic tram production, Mayor Altepe said that they met with the then Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ali Müfit Gürtuna for this job 14 years ago in 1998. Stating that they tried to persuade Gürtuna to realize the local tram production in Bursa, but they could not succeed in this, President Altepe said, “We also held a factory here, we had a place. 'We made these tools in Turkey Let's start this job' we said. In the first place, we would start with bodywork, then the business would develop gradually. But they just couldn't dare, ”he said.

Stating that the domestic tram production had their own time, they started working for this business as soon as they came to work, and they started production in 2009, President Altepe said, "Let's say we produce
the wagons came off the production line and began to be placed on the market. Today, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality purchased a new wagon worth $ 490 million. They bought 110 wagons. Wherever you look, the revenue of this business by the vendor is close to a quadrillion. This event only applies to one party of goods. After the sale of our wagons, the money remains in the country. In foreign sales, there is a foreign currency entry. A will was required to start this business, and we have demonstrated this will. We set a very good example, ”he said.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President Abraham in his speech that in March, said it was an example of local tram project in Turkey. March, the road map of the local tram production can be an example for the production of domestic cars, he said.

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