Metrobus on the way to the pilgrimage!

IETT Operations General Manager Baraçlı: Not only Arab countries, but also various countries from America to Canada, Italy to Finland, are constantly in contact with us about metrobus.
Hayri Baraçlı, General Manager of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations (IETT), stated that many countries have contacted them about the metrobus, "Of course, our guests from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Colombia have recently “It tries to apply the weak and strong sides of the project in their own countries by identifying the opportunities obtained”.

Stating that the metrobus is one of the projects that make life easier in Istanbul, Baraçlı said, "However, with the benefit of the environment and the time savings it provides to our passengers, the satisfaction has increased to a point above expected."

Baraçlı said that the metrobus line, which has 42 stations with 33 kilometers in Istanbul, has become one of the sequential projects that the world takes as an example because it is uninterrupted. Stating that one of the main reasons for the success of the metrobus is that the line is designed in the most accurate places in Istanbul, Baraçlı continued as follows:

“What are the right places? Being the main artery, it is the place where the passenger density reaches the highest level and it is a route that can be reached almost everywhere. In this way, success has reached a certain point. This line works 24 hours a day. 24-hour work shows that the effectiveness of this line is done correctly. At the same time, while our 345 bus operates on this line, close to 700 thousand passengers are carried daily. When you look at this kind of scope, it reveals a model that will be an example to the world. Not only Arab countries, but also various countries, from America to Canada, from Italy to Finland, are constantly in contact with us about BRT. For example, there are examples of metrobus in Colombia. They determined the number of passengers transported in one direction at our evening and morning peak times (peak traffic) by measuring them on site. They are also amazed. We are trying to ensure that this activity is managed correctly with the BRT control center. Of course, our guests from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Colombia have been trying to identify both the weaknesses and strengths of this project and the opportunities obtained in their own countries. Our project has become one of the few projects in the world. Of course, it saves time and reaches Söğütlüçeşme from Avcılar in approximately 63 minutes, which pulls the satisfaction of the users to a certain level. And perhaps because it is one of the rare projects in urban public transportation, it makes human life easier, as it is uninterrupted. "

Stating that different metrobus lines may be established in Istanbul, Baraçlı said, “However, our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has a reserved road project. With this project, those roads will only be reserved for public transportation at the specified hours in the morning and evening. With this, we will ensure the easy flow of traffic on those roads, ”he said.

Emphasizing that while delegations from abroad were visiting the metrobus line, they worked to benefit from the culture and experience of the institution, as IETT is a 140-year-old institution, Baraçlı continued as follows:

“The most important factor for us is to be able to share information. We share information constantly. Because if we have the opportunity to compare, we can improve ourselves and at the same time work to increase customer satisfaction and service quality in public transportation. "

Hayri Baraçlı stated that they conveyed the management, construction and application experience of IETT to the delegations from abroad and said, “In Mecca, a transportation project will be carried out with four different lines heading towards Masjid al-Haram, in order to prevent vehicles from entering that area. There are also thoughts about the metrobus project in an area of ​​about 16 kilometers from the new 19 million capacity new international airport to the city center, which is also being built in Medina. Here, they get information about application, project design, construction and operation from us ”.

Expressing that the metrobus is a fast, easy and high quality solution in crowded cities, Baraçlı said, "Therefore, those coming from crowded cities abroad follow such projects very carefully and try to implement this project in their own countries."

"We haven't seen any negative criticism from foreign delegations so far," Baraçlı said, on the contrary, they saw those who have seen similar businesses in their own countries.

Hayri Baraçlı stated that as IETT, they renewed their vehicle fleets in line with the instructions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş and said, “In that respect, we have purchased a fleet of 500 vehicles in the first place. These took place both solo and with bellows. Now, with the move we have made within this framework, IETT will have reached a level that will renew the vehicles and provide more quality and more comfortable service ”.

Barakçı said that they see each new year as a year in which new projects are produced and concluded as follows:

“For us, the goal is to reach the public transportation service quality that can provide citizen satisfaction. At that point, as IETT, we are able to fulfill 4 of the 2 factors in transportation. One of the 4 factors is the vehicle, the other is the driver. In other words, we are trying to bring the vehicles to the desired level in terms of maintenance, repair and quality. We are also constantly trying to train our drivers. However, there are two other factors, the passenger and the road factor, we have no chance to affect this. Therefore, when you optimize those 4 factors, the quality of public transportation service increases.

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