The shipwrecks of Marmaray and subway projects sailed to America!

The "ancient ship graveyard" unearthed during the excavations in Yenikapı within the scope of Marmaray and metro projects attracted the attention of scientific circles.

Istanbul University (IU) Faculty of Letters Department of Conservation of Underwater Culture Residents and IU Yenikapı Shipwrecks Project President Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Kocabas, said in a statement, there is an ancient ship cemetery in Yenikapı, the world's largest submerged ship repertoire is reached.

Kocabaş reported that the vessels were taken from the field, they had studied in the laboratory they established and they carried out the conservation studies.

Stating that 36 ships were found in the excavations and the secrets on the artifacts were gradually revealed as a result of the investigations, Kocabaş said, “The biggest assistant of the Istanbul Archeology Museums that carried out the Yenikapı excavations was undoubtedly the Istanbul University team that will examine 27 shipwrecks and conserve 31 ships in total. "So far, we have removed 26 ships from the land by carrying out all documentation work."

"The last ring of America tour"

Kocabaş stated that the scientific studies they carried out was a main goal of the announcement of a wider audience and said:

“We have published over 40 articles and made more than 100 presentations within the scope of the project. So far, we have announced our work in scientific meetings in European countries such as England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Greece. We participated in programs on national and international TV channels, including National Geographic, Discovery and Arte documentary channels, and gave information about our work and discoveries. This study is the last link of the American Friends of Turkey (American Frends of Turkey-Atofina) to create a tour organized by the US. I will give a series of conferences in the USA at AFOT invitation. Within the scope of this tour, I will have the opportunity to share the Byzantine era ships we have been working on, the working process and the discoveries we have made with both the American public and scientific circles. "

First conference at the embassy

Vice President of AFOT Such a proposal by Elizabeth Shelton indicating that Kocabas, said:

“Shelton stated that they were very impressed by the sunken ships unearthed during the ongoing excavations in Yenikapı and the scientific studies we carried out as IU by the experts of the Istanbul Archeology Museum. We came together in Istanbul last August to share these with American listeners and scientific circles and started the preparations for this tour. The book titled Old Ships of Yenikapı, which is the first product of the project we are continuing on wrecks as Istanbul University, became the name of the conference series. Our Ministry of Culture and Tourism has undertaken the travel expenses. The first speech will take place on 23 February at the Turkish Embassy. After the meeting, which will be held with the participation of 150 people, there will be a dinner. "

"Studies really attract a lot of attention"

Kocabaş, who stated that they aim to reach the academic community and the students at the conferences which will be held at the universities, will be held in the underwater archeology museums, and he continued:

“The studies of the academicians of Istanbul University, who managed to rank among the top 400 universities among the world's best universities, on underwater archeology attract a lot of attention. Washinton Following the conference in Turkey Embassy respectively Harvard University affiliated Dumberto Oaks, Raleigh, NC Museum of History, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University, Beaufort Sea Museum, Sauthport Maritime Museum, Hatteas Atlantic Museum, Los Angeles, UCLA, United Nations, World Monument Fund and the Smithsonian Institution I will give lectures. In the meantime, I will visit their laboratories by exchanging information with my colleagues about their projects.

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