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Was it a light rail or subway?

"This is not a subway, it is a light rail system," he writhed.

The goal is to reduce the value, shrink a great service.

Some of the deputies, the construction of the subway to draw the railroads in Ankara to do serious work. Fortunately, a conscientious member of parliament, Mr. Abdullah Torun, said n We have been the reason for the delay bir.

Today, Adana Metro is serving ten thousand people. Moreover, every 10 now goes through every minute. The world has not made the public transportation vehicle faster than the metro to this day. Safe and comfortable.


Was it mild or heavy, or would you like to find answers to questions.
Rail system to be once rail system. In the train carrying freight and passengers, the children of the rail system, the tram and the metro are also, We said the train, we said the tram, we said metro. Because of these, the metro and tram are not used heavily for urban passenger transportation, and therefore the metro and tram are light rail systems. That is, the name of the light rail system is generalization.
The tram goes on the rail but is obliged to obey traffic lights like other vehicles, to stop at intersections. God forbid, the chances of a accident are not underestimated.
The metro is never transmitted to the city's other transport systems from the first station to the last station. There is no red, green, yellow color. For this reason, sometimes in the underground, sometimes in the air, sometimes on the bridge. There is no problem of collision with a vehicle or waiting for a vehicle. For these reasons, the metro investment becomes everywhere and always expensive, the construction period is long.


In the local elections of 1989 Uğur (AK), Selahattin Çol (AK) and Aytaç Dur (AK) were our candidates. . The three candidates have AK in their surname. By relying on this EC, we must sign two contemporary services, no matter which candidate our winner wins; the first one is the transfer of air in the air and the telephone-telex lines to the underground, and the second is to start the subway inc.
In the same article, while emphasizing the importance of the metron, he mentioned how difficult the job was and said değin I cannot finish the beginning, but it will take its place in the future Aynı. Mr. Çolak, who won the election, initiated preliminary work on a subway project. The project was revised to hit the dig, and hundreds of passengers to the first stop from the hospital to the stop of the province was Mr Durak'a.

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