Level crossings will be transformed into an overpass or an automatic barrier gate

📩 22/12/2018 16:38

AA correspondent information that TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, Turkey High Speed ​​Train (YHT) included a total of 11 thousand 940 kilometer railway line is located, he said that this figure is targeted to increase to 2023 thousand 25 kilometers by 940. In this context, until 2023, in line where traffic is dense, grade crossings sub-overpass or automatic barrier transforming into a crossover accidents to minimize purposes they tell Karaman, 3 thousand 415 said the level crossing to the railway network in Turkey. Karaman pointed out that 54 of them are level crossings with protection systems, and the number of level crossings with unprotected free crosses is 2.

In order to prevent accidents occurring in level crossings, firstly it is recommended to make improvements to the institutions and organizations that own the highway. Karaman said that due to the lack of any work of these institutions and organizations, the implementation of invoicing by TCDD was initiated.

Karaman stated that in order to transform highway crossings into safer and more comfortable, level crossings are started to be coated with rubber, composite, asphalt, wood and parquet. In this context, 2006-2011 between the years, a thousand 101 crossing in the cavity improvement pointing point Karaman, 2004-2011 37-217 million XNUMX thousand pounds spent in the scope of the studies noted.

- "Between 2002-2011, 381 accidents occurred at level crossings" -

TCDD General Manager Karaman said that the number of road vehicles increased by 2002 percent between 2011 and 71, but that level crossing accidents decreased by 78 percent in the same period. At level crossings, Karaman has 2002 in 189, 2003 in 197, 2004 in 214, 2005 in 194, 2006 in 157, 2007 in 139, 2008 in 118, 2009 in 85, 2010 in 46 and 2011 Stating that 42 accidents occurred in, he said:

“In the level crossings, between 2002 and 2011, 381 people were injured and 408 people died in 424 accidents. In 42 accidents at level crossings last year, 61 of our citizens were injured and 36 of our citizens died. In addition to deaths and injuries due to accidents, material damage was caused by locomotives, wagons, road and crossing systems, and road vehicles in 2010 amounting to 757 thousand 620 liras, and last year 691 thousand 740 liras. "

Source: AA

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