Will the BRIDGE be closed?

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş answered Fatih Altaylı's questions by participating in the Teke Tek program, which was broadcast live on Habertürk TV and took place live at the Panoramic Museum in Topkapı Zeytinburnu, owned by the municipality.

(Regarding that the Bosphorus Bridge will be closed and taken into maintenance) “We are talking about a 40-year-old bridge here. 180-210 thousand vehicles pass by a day. It was not that much foreseen. Only 70 thousand vehicles were considered. I don't know technical issues, but early fatigue may occur. If the risk is mentioned, this risk can have disastrous results. Our Minister of Transport and General Director of Highways made the statement. The Minister of Transport said that maintenance can be done by closing the lanes. We would have liked it to catch up to Marmaray or the 3rd Bridge. But I can't say anything. "


(On the debates about whether the third bridge is necessary or not) “There are many bridges in New York, one of the largest cities in the world. These bridges exist because of the need. Istanbul is a city that passes through the sea and you have to connect the two sides. 3 percent of the population lives in Anatolia and 40 percent lives in the European side. Transitions are needed. With the transitions, a circulation that is many times more than the population occurs. A third pass is needed. Rail system is also needed. In line with these needs, such a working process has been entered and continues. The third bridge was discussed between the two bridges, but it turned out that the expropriation price would be too high. 60 routes were determined, it was reduced to 7, and finally, the northern pass was preferred. Our Prime Minister also decided on this. Transit pass, which will connect the gulf pass, was also considered. It was thought that heavy vehicles and transport vehicles would pass. There is little place to be expropriated here. In addition, the forest area is small and scrub takes up a lot of space. The prime minister is also sensitive about forest areas and not harming the ecological balance. If it was further south, Fatih Forests could be damaged. In addition, it was thought to pass through viaducts without harming the nature. The impact of the 5rd bridge on urban traffic is said to be 3 percent, but this rate will increase even more during critical hours.

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