Konya can not carry the load.

Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Konya is experiencing winter density. The trains arrive late and the traffic density in front of the garage is getting a response from the citizens. The small waiting lounges in Garda are waiting for passengers and train waiting. In front of the car, vehicle drivers cannot find a place to park their vehicles.

Stating that the High Speed ​​Train came to Konya from Ankara in at least 1 hours, not in 15 hour and 2 minutes as said, Mustafa Gökhan said, “The train did not arrive at its normal time. It comes with a delay of about half an hour. I'm waiting for my passenger they gave me an hour. They said the train would be here at that hour. Half an hour has passed, but there is still no train. Winter conditions are used as an excuse for his late arrival. I hope so. It is our hope that this problem will be corrected. Still, it is a good opportunity, of course YHT ”. Emphasizing that the station does not lift the load, Gökhan said, “The waiting rooms are completely full of citizens waiting. Since those who will go to Ankara and those who will come overlap, there is an extreme density at the station. Authorities should be interested in enlarging the station. In addition, a solution to the traffic problem needs to be found. "There is not enough space to park a car," he said.


Expressing that they came to the station to go to Ankara but could not find a parking space, Orhan Divatyalı was also complained of not being able to find a parking space. Expressing that he came to the station to send his relatives to Ankara, Orhan Divatyalı said, “I came to the station to send my relatives away. But I could not find a place to park my vehicle. We had a heavy burden. "We had to put the car forward and carry the load in our hands," he said. Mehmet Dinç, who complained about the density and traffic at the station, stated that the view at the station did not suit Konya. Mehmet Dinç said, “Before there was a High Speed ​​Train, this station was enough for Konya. But now things have changed. Authorities refrained from expanding the station, believing that the station would remain at the same capacity. With the arrival of the High Speed ​​Train, there is no place left to step into the station. This situation does not suit the size of Konya ”. Referring to the traffic situation, Dinç said, “Since the vehicles have a parking problem, they park on the right and left sides of the roads. It is clear that there is a need for parking. Authorities need to take a hand here as well. Beautifying this place will be good for the promotion of Konya. Foreign guests coming from Ankara should look at Konya with praise. The station is defined as the entrance of a city from the history to the present day. At this point, it is important to work on the city ”.


Source : http://www.merhabahaber.com



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