Karabük University to establish a test center on rail systems

Prof. Dr. Uysal, AA correspondent, Rail Systems Engineering said that there is no other place in Turkey in the Department of the university.

Uysal, who stated that his universities are acting as a locomotive in the provinces where they are located, emphasized that KBU will continuously attract Karabük to the better in every field as its locomotive.

Turkey production in the rail due to the well in the provinces KARDEMİR that made its name with TCDD will make joint efforts in this field also in agreement expressing Uysal, he said:

“We will establish a test center on rail systems at our university. We plan to work together with TCDD and KARDEMİR. Rail transport systems will be installed in these plans. We will now do some tests that can be done abroad in rail systems at our university. When this system is installed, tests will be carried out on the system and our students will perform their applications. In other words, KARDEMİR will be able to test the rails it produces here. This transport system will be made in an area of ​​5 kilometers. "

Uysal stated that there are unused locomotives of TCDD in Karabük, they asked these locomotives, which have now become nostalgic, from the general manager of the institution and received a positive response.

“I learned from the news of a local newspaper about the existence of some locomotives that have become unusable in TCDD's maintenance services in our city, but have an air of nostalgia. I immediately contacted the institution and said that we were planning to exhibit these locomotives in our university, with the maintenance of them. The general manager of the institution was warm and gave his instructions. These locomotives will now become immortal at our university. "

Source :http://www.memurhabercisi.com

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