Women's eyes on Metrobus

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Bus operator working in the 6 female driver, attracts great interest from passengers.
In Istanbul Kadıköy- 6 women, who are IETT drivers working in Fenerbahçe flights, attract great attention from the passengers. First of all, the passengers who greet women drivers with astonishment when they get on the bus, and when they get off the bus, they describe their satisfaction with the female drivers. Women who stated that they were successful by participating in the selection of the project "Woman driver in metrobus" by the municipality, but still working as an IETT driver while they needed to work in the metrobus, said that they wanted to be a driver in the metrobus as soon as possible. Women drivers working in Erguvan colored buses receive full marks from citizens with their smiling behavior, regular work and careful driving.
Zeynep Alemdar stated that he was a bus driver for 20 years. Ep I am a bus captain and I have been doing this job for 20 years. I was carrying local and foreign tourists all over Turkey. I'm 38, I was doing tourism business by establishing my own company. I sat next to the bus driver on a trip to Konya. And then I said, "I'll be the bus captain when I get back" and from there. There really is not much that makes this work in Turkey. At the start of the municipality, I was already carrying a local, foreign tourist with my own company. Then such an offer came IETT'in women metrobus driver project. Then 3 did a gradual test. 14 is the winner of the women 6 We're friends. We would like to call upon Mr. Mayor Kadir Topbaş and remind him that he had given his word. Because 8 March International Women's Day. 2 year has not yet begun and our goal is to use the BRT, we expect. People want us to take on more tasks. We also say, 'Then you will send an e-mail to IETT and Bus Co.' we say 'we will throw'. In traffic, they give us the way when they don't give way to male bus drivers. They call it Bravo, congratulate Br.
Figen Korkutan said, işi I'm a steering instructor in fact I'm just starting to do this job. We took the Metrobus exam with the other friends. We've won him and we've been waiting for 2 years, we're still hopeful. I learned to use all kinds of cars while I was working as a steering teacher. Then I started to be interested in the big vehicle and I used it very much. Then I continued. I'm too new to use my municipal bus. My wife taught me how to drive, 'you can't drive'. I said, 'I'll drive and be a teacher.' I drive and I'm his teacher, I use the bus. My wife is always beside me and supports me. Eş
"I've been working in 2006 as a professional in large vehicles," said driver Belkıs Güreli, who stated that a longtime female driver in Adana and that Istanbul was late. I've been driving since 1987. I started by moving staff and students. But at that time our age was not enough. Now, I don't know, I love the conditions of life, I do not know how I keep this work on the municipal bus. In fact, they used to try to get us off the road, but as time went by, people got used to us. It is known as Istanbul Culture Capital. How long has Adana been working as a female driver? In response to the traffic I had a very unusual thing. Usually we get reactions like confusion and love. They're excited, it's interesting to people, but it's very common for us. Day and night works, but if a person loves his job I think it won't see its difficulty Gece.
Female and male passengers are also very satisfied with female drivers. Güler Başkurt said that she was proud that a woman was using the bus and said, eden The driver was a lady. The first time I've ever seen. I like it a lot. I'm so proud of a lady using it. He's using the bus very nicely. We're very comfortable. A friendly lady, bravo. I appreciated it very much, Çok he said.
. I saw a female bus driver for the first time, “said Muharrem Ayyuksel, surprised to see the female driver. I've seen a cab driver, but I see the bus driver for the first time. I have no anxiety. I don't think I'm going to be upset like this. Actually, these are the things that should be. This guy's got no lady, no lady. If the man's ability to be a man, I thought it was a lady,, he said.

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