Kadıköy Kartal Metro Line Will Be Integrated with Marmaray Line at İbrahimağa Station

Kadıköy Route of Tavsantepe Metro Stops
Kadıköy Route of Tavsantepe Metro Stops

Kadıköy Kartal Metro Line will be Integrated with Marmaray Line at İbrahimağa Station: One of the dream projects for the Anatolian Side Kadıköy-The number of days left until the happy end of the Kartal Metro Line. Kadıköy Designed to carry fast and massive passengers on the D-100 Highway axis between Kartal and further accelerate transportation between the two continents. Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line will be integrated with Marmaray Line at İbrahimağa Station.

Same time Kadıköy Built in the square Kadıköy It has been reported that the test drives have been successfully driven on the system where the sea connection will also be provided through the station.

In May, passengers will begin to carry Mayıs

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been designed to withstand 9 earthquakes and has a daily capacity of 1,5 million passengers.Kadıköy He said that after the test drives on the Metro Line were completed, the subway will be put into service in May. Topbaş noted that this line is very important especially for the Anatolian Side and the line will be exceeded in a short time like 29 minutes; “Our citizens coming from Ayrılıkçeşme Station from Kartal will be able to switch to Marmaray and other stations on the European Side. Kadıköy"It will be possible to reach the desired point of Istanbul by sea transportation."

It was extended to Pendik-Kaynarca Pend

Conducted 40 meters below ground KadıköyThe total length of the Eagle line is 22 kilometers, and the cost is $ 1,6 billion. The line was added to another 4,5 kilometers and extended to Pendik-Kaynarca. The total expenditure made with the commissioning of this line will reach 3 quadrillion 225 billion liras.

Last minutes on LCD screens Son

KadıköyIt will be possible to travel to the desired points of Istanbul using the sea transportation from the metro. Conducted 40 meters below ground Kadıköy In Kartal Metro Line, homogeneous distribution of passengers in each wagon is also made possible.

On the other hand, each vehicle has 8 passenger information screen (LCD screen) to inform passengers with instant news and to be used for advertising purposes. Thus, active communication between passengers and the metro machine will be possible. On the line extended to Pendik-Kaynarca, there will be vibration and sound insulation and fire insulators during the journeys.

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