The eyes of industrialists from Izmir turned into wagon manufacturing

The “indigenous” condition brought to the tender of Ankara Metro has triggered industrialists from İzmir. The Transportation Industry Working Group, which was established in order to take Izmir's share in the production of domestic tram and metro wagons, will bring babayiğit together for the production of wagons such as 'babayiğit' in the domestic car.

The Ministry of Transportation announced that Ankara Metro will hold 324 set wagon tender to 14 February and 29 announced that it will be delivered in 324 set 29 monthly according to the tender specifications announced in December. The first 75 of the wagons will be delivered to the 14 month. Delivery of the remaining 249 will be completed gradually in 29 months. However, the ministry put a condition to the tender; Yerli The domestic contribution of the first 75 set will be 30 percent, and the next one will be 51 percent ”.

Along with this domestic production rate, 10 has been established under the umbrella of the Chamber of Industry of the Aegean Region, Ahmet Gök, Deputy General Manager of EBSO, İbrahim Gökçüoğlu, EBSO Assembly Member Atilla The Transportation Industry Working Group, consisting of Üner, started its activities quickly.

Within this framework, Ahmet Gök, the Secretary General of the Transport Industry Working Group and the Rail Transport Systems Association, will bring together the representatives of the company that won the wagon tender in Ankara and Egeli industrialists, and will undertake an important job.

Ibrahim Gökçüoğlu, Vice Chairman of the EBSO Board of Directors of the Transportation Industry Working Group, stated that the wagon manufacturing would open a new era for the industrialists in the event that the Aegean Region came to the Aegean. Gökçüoğlu stated that it is very important for Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım to use 51 domestic contribution in subway auctions. “As the working group, we had our first meeting. First of all, we will reveal the companies that can make production in this area. We believe that the industrialists of İzmir will get a share from the 20 billion dollar cake. ”

TCDD still ride 100 passenger wagon that Turkey's rail freight of Gökçüoğlu pointed out that so 3-4 level of the share, while the 2023 years of rail freight transport target, he said you're 15 percent. For this reason, Gökçüoğlu said that 60 would require thousands of new freight wagons and said, uz We are talking about a sector that will contribute to the development of domestic production and thus the reduction in the current account deficit. By 2023, 2 thousand 600 new passenger cars have to be produced. The length of the railway line, which is currently 10 thousand 800 kilometers, is also targeted to be increased to 2023 thousand 25 kilometers in 940. ”

In just Adapazari in Turkey, while Turkey and was established by Korea partnership EUROTEM Inc.'s high-speed train sets and subway cars stated that production facilities EBSO Assembly member Atilla Uner, "Let pioneered this business in Izmir. Let's bring these investments to İzmir. Thus, we will open a different door to Izmir and the Aegean. In addition, Iraq, Libya, Syria do not have underground expansion in all. It exports to be made to Turkey's current account deficit can not be closed, "he said.
Üner stated that they would determine a road map as the Working Group on Transportation Industry and explained that they want to direct Egeli industrialists to such productions. 10 pointed out that there is a market close to 20 billion dollars per year, Üner emphasized that even if Egeli companies get 2 share from 1 billion dollars per year, 20 million dollars will create a business volume.

General Secretary of the Rail Transportation Systems Association Ahmet Gok, metro and tram projects to increase the domestic rate of vehicles said they received the result of the struggle, Binali Yildirim said they thanked. Tendered by DLH Ankara Subway 324 metro vehicles tenders in the coming days to do it and participate in the tender company 51 percent of that local contribution requested explaining the heavens, in particular that established whereby the Turkish subsidiaries of foreign companies in Turkey and that he would have to build a facility for it. In this way, both employment will be provided as well as the country will suffer less foreign currency loss Gök, primarily the representatives of the company won the tender for wagon in Ankara, Egeli and industrialists will bring together the possibilities of cooperation, he added.

The world's highest production in Alstom
Company Production *
The Alstom 2.500
Mitsubishi 2.400
Bombardier 2.000
Hyundai Rotem 1.000
Siemens 500
Stadler 100
Skoda 100
CAF 100

Most wagons in New York
paris 3.450
London 4.900
NewYork 6.400
Istanbul 280
Istanbul * 3.204
Number of wagon set * 2023 target



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