İzmir Karşıyaka we want our tram

Karşıyaka Municipality completed the city renewal project concerning the 6 neighborhood and the market, which has the highest soil problems and earthquake risk. On the other hand, an on-site conversion system was developed for flat buildings in Bostanlı.

Karşıyaka In February, the second municipality meeting of the municipality, one of the most important problems of the district, new projects related to urban transformation were discussed. Karşıyaka Deputy Mayor Cengiz Türksoy told the members of the council and the new city transformation project 6 neighborhood took part. The city transformation project, which will be brought to the city council for approval in the coming days and then sent to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has been divided into three sections. In the first stage Alaybey, Tersane and Danube Neighborhoods take place, in the second stage Karşıyaka Bazaar and a part of the Navy District took place. The third stage of the project included Bahriye Üçok and Bahariye Neighborhoods.

Alaybey Urban Renewal Project Karşıyakaground problem, which is one of the biggest problems of Turkey, and aging will be eliminated. Prepared project covers an area of ​​93 hectares. In the plans prepared by the municipality, all the houses on the beach were identified as residences. The work here will also be implemented in the form of discrete buildings that will allow the air from the sea to extend to the interior. Alaybey Shipyard is planned to be abolished while social reinforcement areas and trade areas are increasing. While underground car parks are planned in the same region, cultural centers, green areas, tourism and social equipment areas will increase.


Karşıyaka Bazaar, including the second stage of the project is the future of the main goal of the project. At the end of the study, which aims to eliminate the current congestion of the bazaar, small squares will be formed in the Bazaar. In addition, in front of the Mustafa Kemal Pasha Mosque is planned to build a square in accordance with the old mosque traditions. Here again, new plans will include seating groups and water play areas. The fishermen in the mosque and the bad images will be removed by the new arrangement. In the third stage, the square expansion will be made in Bahariye and Bahriye Üçok neighborhoods. Latife Hanim Mansion in front of the road traffic in front of the work will be expanded after the expansion.


Among the regions to be renovated in the project, the flat buildings in Bostanlı will be demolished and transformed in place. The total 10 apartment, 123 housing and 22 will cover itself as the project cost covering the business area. While the residential and commercial areas will be increased, contractors will also make money. Modern buildings with six workplaces and upper dwellings will also eliminate dangerous buildings.


KarşıyakaMayor Cevat Durak said that the places that need to be solved for years should be started from one place. Karşıyaka as we are on the old Gediz Delta. In the new places we will make vertical construction and green areas and social reinforcement areas. We don't have a title deed. We know that you crossed the fault line on Anadolu Street. Already work is done on the side of the Semikler and Demirköprü. I share my experiences as the first urban transformation municipality in İzmir. We carried out urban transformation works in Mavişehir and Yalı Neighborhoods. We still have more serious problems in Örnekköy. If the snow had rained a little more, some buildings would have collapsed. In addition, the shipyard in Alaybey must be moved. If it gets up, we'il get a green field. The aquarium and marine museum project we will make will also be implemented here. ”


Karşıyaka's one of the most talked about Bostanlı Flat Buildings 5-6 years ago, said that they did the work of President Durak, the details of the work and the risk of the region's warnings about the risk of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Prime Ministry and the governor said they did. they received a report from the inspection firms of the residents that 'no problem with the iron, it could be strengthened' and they continued to sit. Our hands are tied. It's not right to pretend there's no problem. We can't even stop doing nothing, ”he said.


Participating in the meeting of the municipal council Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Vice President Yusuf Kenan Cakar and District President Kerem Ali Continuous requesting President Durak, demanded them to stand behind the work. Ak We want you to stand behind us and support us. You can help the process to run faster in Ankara. also Karşıyaka As we want our tram. They say that it is not 'profitable' for our proposed tram project. When the project is implemented KarşıyakaThe tram will be nostalgic and the 50-60 will carry thousands of passengers a day. tram Karşıyakato Mavişehir, then to the Wildlife Park, and then to Bird Paradise is planned to progress ”.

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