İZBAN Cumaovası-Torbali Railway Line infrastructure works continue

The infrastructure works of Cumaovası-Torbalı Railway Line entered Torbalı Mahallesi. Infrastructure work news that reached up to Gökdağ Site in Torbalı District created satisfaction among the people of the district.

The infrastructure works of Cumaovası-Torbalı Railway Line, which had a groundbreaking ceremony in the past months and whose works continue at full speed, entered Torbalı Mahallesi. The railway line, which was completed in 1866 and used for a century and a half, will be modernized according to the needs of the day and will be a part of the Izmir-Torbalı rail system. Work on the Torbalı leg of the İzmir rail system continues at full speed. The 80 km rail system, which currently serves between İzmir and Cumaovası, was planned to be extended to Torbalı in the first place and started with the groundbreaking ceremony. According to the information obtained, the project is progressing very fast, 30 Km. The Torbalı leg with additional distance will be completed in the next 8 months. The news of the infrastructure work that reached the vicinity of Gökdağ Site in Torbalı District of the district created satisfaction among the people of the district. The original state of the railway line, which was signaled by Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım that it could be extended to Selçuk District, has been serving the people of the region for about 150 years. Stating that the works are being carried out meticulously, the officials stated that if the line, which is planned to be integrated with today's rail system technology, is completed, the people of the region will take a comfortable breath in transportation.


The introduction of the expected rail system in the district will provide a definite solution to the transport problems of the workers. It bagged foot, which is part of Turkey's oldest and rail operations in the last 1866 İzmir-Aydın line will be part of a new rail system. It is also expected that the breakthrough, which started with the extension of the İzmir Rail System, which runs between Aliağa and Cumaovası, to Torbalı, continues until Selçuk. There will be 30 station and 4 highway overpass and overpass on the line that will be extended to Torbalı by an additional line of approximately 7 km. The current line between the Aliaga-Cumaovasi line is 80 Km. that attract attention, the additional 30 km. they said that the project will become even more giant.

Source: Aegean News

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