Public damage justification for cancellation of Irmak-Zonguldak Line

The firms, which canceled the tenders with bribes and provided these jobs to them, objected to the tenders by using the grounds of kendilerine public harm occurred R. Fermak, one of the companies mentioned in the bribery organization of the Public Procurement Authority, argued that the other companies were "malevolent" in their objection for a tender, while the competition and reliability could not be achieved in the tender. Milenyum Construction, which was shown as a bribe company in the same scheme, used the grounds of en public loss if the tender is completed if the tender is completed Aynı. However, the companies in question are now accused of causing public damage.

Other companies
The reasons of the objections of the firms which are in the activity scheme of the criminal organization, which is alleged to have organized irregularities with some employees in the Public Procurement Authority, are also remarkable. Since the beginning of the operation, the name of an objection from the name of the Fermak company and the decision of the Public Procurement Board, the decision of the said organization continues until recently. General Directorate of Highways' Ulus-Pinarbasi-Azdavay-Agli road construction, participating in the tender Fermak firm, appealed in relation to the tender. While the company states that the other firms are intentional about the tender they lost and that there is no competition in the tender; stressed that the principles of equal treatment, reliability and confidentiality were violated and demanded the cancellation of the tender. The board also accepted the appeal of Fermak in 5 December 2012 meeting. In addition, by applying to a method he did not use very often, he accepted the notification to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in order to examine and investigate the company's claims.

Public damage occurs
Milenyum Construction, which is the owner of the suspect, has objected to the tender for the improvement of the section between Irmak-Zonguldak Line and the drainage channel. used the 'public harm' justification. The company's 2010 objection to the conclusion of the board, the tender is due to the exclusion of their own companies will be created in the public damage was emphasized. However, this appeal was not accepted by the Public Procurement Board. The Public Procurement Board found the firm to be unfair.

JCC: Kaya's membership still in progress
The Public Procurement Authority, on the other hand, explained the latest developments regarding the investigation. The dismissal and administrative investigation process of the two board experts stated that the process of judicial proceedings is closely followed because of the fact that the detention decision about the Board member has been abolished due to his / her discomfort and has not yet been brought to court.

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