Ireland's Intercity Railways Investment Plans

📩 22/12/2018 16:41

The current needs and future vision of Ireland's railways investments by 2030 have been published. developments show that Ireland should increase the capacity of its current intercity railways in the long run and accelerate high speed train investments. Irish national railways (Iarnród Éireann) came to the conclusion that lines between major cities should be prioritized. The primary target is to complete the connections of the capital Dunlin with other cities.

In this respect, a strategy titled 3 is proposed.

As a first step, passenger benefits and fare income will be focused on until 2015. This is called the 'quick win' strategy.

In the second phase, it is aimed to increase the capacity of the Portarlington - Athlone line between 2015-2020, to establish the DART suburban connection between Clongriffin and Dublin Airport and to increase the current demand with various line renewals.

  • In the last stage, it is aimed to complete the electrification of the line between Cork and Galway and to change the existing intercity DMU lines early.

It is planned to allocate € 2030 million for annual infrastructure expenditure by 215, and € 116 million for stock maintenance and replacements.

Source: Railway Gazette

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