Avcılar overpass from IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus built on the way, the teams keep the entry-exit closed for the purpose of prevention, but some citizens who want to use the accident said he was exposed to accidents.

A written statement from the municipality, the construction of an overpass still in progress in the press about the news, the necessity of disclosure was born, said:

“The news in the press about the overpass built in Avcılar-Beylikdüzü Metrobüs Road Parcels Site does not reflect the truth.

Despite the fact that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams keep the entrances and exits of the ongoing overpass closed for the purpose of prevention, some citizens who want to use the place are taken to the accident by removing the barriers. The gaps in the floor of the ladder of endless overpasses of coating work give the citizens a moment of power. Therefore, the gateway should not be used for security reasons.

Citizens, previously removed from the entrance and exit of the barrier and strips, the construction began to use the endless passage, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams, overpasses by entering the entrance prevented by the citizens of the hair barrier prevented. Today, however, it is seen that some citizens used the gate by jumping through the barriers.

Our citizens can use the old overpass, about 100 meters ahead, instead of using this gateway, which is still under construction.

On the other hand, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams began to cover the overpass in the morning. It is aimed to open the passage for citizens until Friday.

In addition, the other 3 overpasses under construction in the region are planned to be put into service on the same day. Thus, 4 overpasses will be put into service in the region. "

Source: News 7



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