What do you complain about the high-speed train?

For the last Anatolian train to depart from Haydarpaşa, it could not be a more suitable day than yesterday. Istanbul is both ice-cold and snow-free. Haydarpaşa Station is under snow, more beautiful than ever, but seems lonely than ever…
Yesterday I spent most of my time in the garda. On this historical day, while the last trains depart one after the other, there are no visitors except journalists and passengers. Already in a few months, the suburban trains will also be closed, and the Haydarpaşa notebook will be closed forever.
Let's see how people will react then. Tens of thousands of train passengers every day, what will be said to the highways? Hah, I found it! The third bridge is a must, they will say ...
Because the people living in Istanbul are stuck in a single mode of transportation: Highway! If possible, a private vehicle, no service, bus… Nobody remembers the railway, which is the safest, cleanest and cheapest transportation route! Especially after Haydarpaşa becomes idle, the train will be forgotten thoroughly…

It won't be ours anymore
I've been writing the Haydarpasa Station for days. The reason for this insistence and interest is not only because it is an indispensable part of the city where I was born and grew, or because of my nostalgic obsessions.
I cannot accept the fact that Haydarpaşa has lost its function and transportation is made free. I do not understand why those who leave no barbecued nationalism in the most irrelevant issues lose their greatest national and historical value.
I find the removal of the central stations (going to Sirkeci!), Which make a city a city, to be turned into a hotel-fair area or museum, I think it is inconvenient.
I am disturbed by the fact that Haydarpasa is an ornamental object used in Istanbul promotions.
This place was ours, everybody, no more…

Why is the line turned off?
The reactions to Haydarpaşa are divided into two. The vast majority are confused, upset… even unaware! Minority, because they have not read enough and are fed by biased news in the media, "Are you worried that there will be a high speed train?" He is mind-blowing.
We're not saying good train! Of course it will. But why do you destroy traditional rail transport?
Why and how, can you claim that two lines will be connected to Marmaray by canceling the 9 platform at Haydarpaşa Train Station?
A second problem is that the Haydarpaşa-Eskişehir line could not be completely shut down and a very fast train could be done. Adapazari, Gebze'ye most students in the beginning, the process will be forced to use the highway in this process. Winter in the snow!
This means more expensive, more troublesome and extra road burden for every Istanbulite.

Fast but transferable
Although the high-speed train is more expensive and time-saving, it will be more laborious because it will go out of the city. For example, the train will not pass through Adapazarı on the fast train. Passengers descending at Arifiye. Likewise, those who come to Istanbul from Anatolia will not be able to reach the center of the city directly. They always mean extra money, which means more expensive and troublesome transportation.
Let the high-speed train come, welcome. But not without alternatives! Don't condemn me to the tube! What should be done in case of disasters, breakdowns and accidents should be put to the attention of the public!
Ha, after answering these questions satisfactorily, let's discuss the sonra Haydarpaşa Train Station projects Ha.
Istanbul is under the snow, traffic paralysis… What will you provide the transportation? Or let's say an earthquake happened. How will you reach Adapazarı?
Don't give me the answer. 2,5 year wait, fast train, then we answer.

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