The high-speed train protest is over with “high voltage Hızlı.

The demonstration held in Piemonte, Italy, on the grounds that the high-speed train project planned to be built on the Lyon-Torino line will harm the environment. Luca Abba, a prominent protester group, climbed a high-voltage line pole and asked the police to leave. However, just at this time, Abba was caught in an electric current and fell from a height of 10 meters. The 37-year-old demonstrator, who was seriously injured, was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Turin, 60 kilometers away. Sit-ups are held in front of the hospital where Abba is being treated and in various cities.

Not only environmentalists are opposed to the high-speed train project planned to be put into service in 300 on the Torino-Lyon line, which passes through a mountainous region and has a highway of over 2023 kilometers. A significant portion of Italians argue that this investment of 20 million Euros is a luxury for the country while experiencing a severe economic crisis.

Source: Euronews


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