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Günaydın Logistics Center opened to transfer freight to railway

After the ceremony which was organized due to the new trains between Denizli and Izmir, Governor Abdülkadir Demir moved to Sarayköy with the Anatolian Mototren. Passengers arriving at Sarayköy Train Station in a short time participated in the opening ceremony of Günaydın Group Railway Logistics Center.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Abdülkadir Demir emphasized the importance of the Logistics Center, which was opened in terms of the transportation to be made from Denizli in terms of the transportation to İzmir Port, and said, cak Our state is now making its way and the private company is doing logistics transportation. Since Denizli is the second city with a high export rate after İzmir in the Aegean Region, it is a right decision to make the Logistics Center here. After that, things will go easier and faster, Bundan he said.

Following the speeches, the opening ribbon of Günaydın Group Railway Logistics Center was interrupted by Governor Abdülkadir Demir and other protocol members.

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