Details of the new plan for Haydarpaşa

📩 24/11/2018 13:55

Details of the new plan related to Haydarpaşa were seized.

Haydarpasa Gar, Port and Back Site Conservation Development Plan was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Radikal newspaper noticed a striking piece of information in the details of the plan waiting to be suspended. For many years, olarak Is there going to be a hotel Tesis?

When a project in accordance with the plan is prepared, from the Harem Bus Terminal in 'Haydarpaşa Port' of 1 million square meters. Kadıköy The part up to Moda will become a giant tourism and trade center. In addition to a new cruise port, a total of 4 religious facilities will be built in the area. The freedom to construct 941 thousand square meters of the 817 thousand square meter area.

No skyscraper

8 years ago, Haydarpaşa'a 7 skyscraper will be made with the rumors, but the time has come under various changes in the 'Haydarpaşa Port' project was completed.

According to the latest changes in the project, the ground floor of the existing railway station will continue to provide railway transportation services. However, the upper floors will serve as offices, museums, concerts, exhibitions and cultural facilities and accommodation.

In the project, the accommodation will be 'hotels'. 4 pieces of religious facilities will be held in various parts of the area. The total area of ​​these facilities is about 15 thousand square meters. The total area of ​​the administrative divisions is limited to 7 thousand square meters. For the culture, tourism and accommodation, the 30 area of ​​one thousand square meters is reserved, while the 5 area for the 132 pieces is projected as 1000 square meters. 145 will serve as a tourism and trade center if the 3 is another thousand square meters.

At 26 November 2010, Haydarpaşa Train Station received one of the most severe damage in its history. The roof of the grove was completely burned during restoration.

The full name, 'Haydarpaşa Gar, Port and Back Field Conservation Development Plan', was approved by IMM Assembly in 25 November 2011, one day before the anniversary of this fire. Radikal's details have not yet been suspended. After the signature of Mayor Topbas, the plan will hang on the 30 days. Then projects will be prepared. During this time, the objection to the plan can be made. The Union of Unions of Transporters and the Chamber of Architects are already in the process of preparing for a suspension.

Source: Radikal

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