Haydarpaşa tender will be made by the Privatization Administration.

The Privatization Administration (PA) will carry out the tender for the Haydarpaşa Garage and Port Transformation Project, which has been discussed for approximately 8 years.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and TCDD took the decision in this direction. It was effective in the decision-making process that the PA has achieved faster results in 'zoning changes' and 'expropriation' studies compared to other public institutions and organizations. Two options are focused on how to make the project tender. In the first option, firstly, the project will be awarded to the engineering and architecture tender and the architects who will draw the project will be determined. Then, the tender for the project to be drawn by these architects will be determined and the company that will carry out the project (which gives the least operational time) will be determined. In the second option, tender will be held simultaneously for engineering-architecture and construction-operation. This time, the company that won the tender will be asked to design 5 different projects. The designed projects will be presented to the PA. In the ÖİB, the Ministry of Transport and TCDD will choose a project that has been approved by the project. The contractor firm that won the tender will start the construction for the approved project.

In the project, which will be carried out with the build-operate-transfer model, the company, which is installed the construction and operation, will be asked for money from the front and a certain rental price for each year. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman noted that the money and rent price to be requested from the front has not been determined yet and a study has been carried out in this direction. The General Manager emphasized that the rumors of the lower floor of Haydarpaşa Station (the floor where the station is located) are not correct and said, “Anyone who wants to go and visit the lower floor of Haydarpaşa Station even if the project ends. He will be able to see Istanbul from this area. ” used the expression. Karaman stated that there is no decision about whether the other floors of Haydarpaşa will be opened as a hotel or not, and steps will be taken according to the projects to be prepared.

Source : http://www.zaman.com.tr



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