There is a reaction from civil society to the development plan covering Haydarpaşa Train Station

In the zoning plan that includes Haydarpaşa, the separation of the historical station as a cultural facility, tourism and accommodation area brought with it discussions. The plan envisions that the ground floor of the existing railway station will continue to provide rail transport services. However, the offices used by TCDD on the upper floors; will serve as museum, concert, exhibition hall, cultural facility and accommodation area.

The zoning plan, which Radikal reached the details, was approved in the Municipal Assembly. He'il be suspended now. Then, according to the zoning plan, Haydarpaşa Project will be prepared. The experts who agreed that the Haydarpaşa Train Station will lose its function are worried.

Cemal Gökçe / President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers
Many people should be evaluated according to the glory and history of the Haydarpasa Train Station, which witnesses the first foot pressures to Istanbul. I do not find it appropriate to install new commercial functions in Gara. Its use as a hotel is not suitable for the historical structure. Is not a place in Haydarpaşa hotel is thought?

I have no objection if an exhibition place is used as a museum where works suitable for historical structure are exhibited. I do not find a commercial function to be installed in the Gara.

Eyüp Muhcu / President of the Chamber of Architects
Haydarpasa Train Station is a coastal and port area. It is one of the most important public spaces of Istanbul. A region that stands out with its historical and natural features. It is one of the most important parts of the city and the most important part of the city.

Because of these characteristics, it was declared as an urban and historical site which must be protected by the Protection Board in the past. As of 2003, the erection of skyscrapers in the region came into question, but this initiative was prevented as a result of the great public reaction.

Now, under the name of a plan for protection, it is wanted to be sacrificed to a plundering project with regional trade, tourism, hotels and similar functions. Unfortunately, the Regional Protection Board and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality approved the plan and approved the plundering of the region by violating their constitutional and legal responsibilities. In other words, they committed crimes by ignoring their legal responsibilities.

'Istanbul residents can stop this project'
The fact that the Gar function will remain on the ground is an attempt to completely eliminate social reactions and legitimize this looting project. Gara hotels and similar functions to be loaded, the Haydarpasa Station means changing the function. This initiative clearly contradicts the principles of both international and national protection law. The approval process does not necessarily mean that the project will be implemented. Haydarpasa Solidarity and Istanbulites will use all democratic and legal rights to stop the project.

Professor Dr. Gül Akdeniz / Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member
Haydarpasa Train Station is not the right approach. It must be protected with its original condition. Gar, that way, used, used, you keep it that way. The main thing to be done is the beautification of the station, if there is a problem in the number of people flowing there.

Erhan Demirdizen / Urban Scientist
The function of the gar is not completely removed because of the opinions from professional chambers, non-governmental organizations and universities. It remains symbolic. However, a day in which a few trains do a passenger landing overlay, it is not suitable for Haydarpaşa's function. It is not right to think of the station as a landscape element attached to the edge of the hotel. I do not believe in the strategic and symbolic historical structures of the city. It would be a great loss for Istanbul to have a historic structure like Haydarpaşa lose its main function.

Source : Radikal



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