No need for Haydarpasa Train Station

The promotion of the book "German - Turkish Success Stories in the Middle of Germany" was made in the building of Saraçhane in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş and Germany's Stutgart Mayor Wolfgang Schuster attended the ceremony. After the introduction of the book, President Topbaş answered the questions of journalists.
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Haydarpasa Station was reminded that the last expeditions were made. Topbas, the Haydarpasa Train Station to replace the question of what to do, ağı A study was initiated for the rehabilitation of high-speed train and lines. This of course affects the existing suburban lines and Haydarpaşa, Marmaray after the gar function is a little lost. Now trains will be uninterrupted by using the existing Marmaray. So there's no need for a garage. People can get up and down from any station they want İnsanlar.

Topbas said, eser The master plan studies about the environment of the important structure that we considered an important work for Istanbul were made. Haydarpasa Train Station, the function given here in the artistic cultural activities, in part, maybe we can be evaluated as a way to give the opportunity to Hayd.
800 thousand people in Metrobus
Hatırlat Of course, the metrobus line has been made as a continuous line. When the direction was completely metrobus, it exceeded its capacity very much. While we were building a BRT, we had a passenger rating of around 400 a thousand. 700 thousands of 800 thousands of a thousand were found in this rainfall. These weather conditions are not only valid for Istanbul. In America, there are much more serious problems in Europe in New York. Amerika

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