Logistics transit center opportunity to Gebze

Attending the conference of the All Black Sea and Industrialists and Businessmen Association as a speaker, Maltepe University lecturer Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, 200 thousand trucks per year of 100 thousand Km do in Turkey, it should come packed full of said relocation would otherwise go bankrupt. Tanyaş emphasized that Gebze is a candidate to become a transit center for logistics due to its physical location.

A leading city in science and lore

This month's conference of TÜKSİAD was organized by Maltepe University lecturer Prof.Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş is. In the conference held in the assembly hall of Gebze Chamber of Commerce, d The structuring in Gebze for the logistics sector and the modern development in 21.yy Gebze sıra was attended by TÜKSİAD management and members as well as the chairman of CHP and Sedat Tatar, who is the president of the domestic freight forwarders association, and the sector representative.

In his opening speech the president TÜKSİAD Şahinkes Explorers, "is the capital city of Gebze in Turkey industry, which is managed muhtarlıkl is a place governed by district governorship. Germany is Turkey's Gebze small. In the past people had emigrated from Turkey to Germany for work, apply to this situation now Gebze. There is not much logistics in Gebze. For example; Although Sakarya is squeezed between Istanbul and Ankara, it is making progress in logistics. Although there are many opportunities in the hands of Gebze logistics is not done anything very serious. Gebze is a leading city in science and lore as well as in industry. Geb

State is taking tribute

Following the Explorer Şahinkesen, Nurettin Aslantürk, who is under the management of TÜKSİAD and also owns Aslantürk logistics said, “We need to create public opinion and solve this problem. I hope something will be done for Gebze with this conference organized by TÜKSİAD. "The Explorer has summed up this event very well, although he did not do logistics work." In his speech, Sedat Tatar, president of the Domestic Transporters Association and the CHP district chairman, said, “I'm here as a transporter, not a politician. First of all, I want to talk about the highway transporters regulation. The state officially receives tribute with this regulation. Does the state sell documents, not merchants? This regulation is troubled in every aspect, it must change, ”he said. which is also expressed in Gebze, the largest truck market in Turkey Sadat Tatar "very distressed Transport in Turkey. Transport in Europe comes full and empty. In Turkey is going to come packed full of these cases, truckers or sink. I would love that this conference would be held by the logistics professionals and transporters, who are the professional committee of GTO. But thanks to TÜKSİAD for this conference, he said.

Destruction of transport

After Sedat Tatar, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş took the floor. Stating that Gebze is a place with a lot of potential in terms of logistics, Tanyaş said, “Logistics is the cool name of this business. Sometimes they even call me a trucker professor. There are 200 thousand trucks in Turkey. They need to make 100 thousand Km a year, go and come full, otherwise the transport will sink. To explain your logistics; If you add the warehouse next to the shipment, it will be logistics. Logistics is something invisible. Logistics is the one who manages this entire transport network. Good logistics is what does it all. He should try every way by sea, air, road and rail. Gebze has all these roads we have said. The next transportation will be in the form of container transportation. According to a scheme, containers from the west, Halkalıin the wagons will be brought to Gebze, and from there to the side will be scattered. ip

Gebze should be a transit hub for logistics

Showing the logistics village design he prepared for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş said, “This design is the first and only. According to this design, 5000 tons of goods change hands per night. This design will start to be made around Aydınlı in the near future. 70% of people will live in cities by 2023. This will make city life very difficult. Gebze should be a transit center for logistics. The greatest potential of Gebze is its use as a warehouse. Gebze is the most suitable place for Istanbul," he said. Ankara KazanExplaining the logistics center established by the private sector in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş said, “You are also a businessman. You can establish a logistics village like this in Gebze”. Prof. dr. Nurettin Aslantürk, owner of Aslantürk logistics, made a speech at the conference where Mehmet Tanyaş gave his speech. At the end of the speech, the conference came to an end after a group photo with TÜKSİAD members.

Source: Gebze News


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