Gaziantep Rail System Project Construction Accelerated

Gaziray Metro Map
Gaziray Metro Map

📩 01/01/2021 16:38

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey stated that the light rail system project construction continues rapidly. Stating that they made great efforts to complete the system before the designated day of the University Karataş stage, Güzelbey said that with the completion of the project, there will be no problems in public transportation service in the region.


The 2nd stage of the Light Rail System Project, the University-Karataş Line, is planned to be completed in 14 months. The Metropolitan Municipality spends a lot of time in order for the project to be completed before its day.
Within the framework of the light rail project, which will solve an important problem in public transportation until the extreme point of the Karataş region, the citizens will pay their transportation more cheaply. Asim Guzelbey, who took an important step in the public transportation services, pointed out that the system operating between the Junction of the Bush and Gar is intensively used. It was announced that the rails connecting the station and the Karataş region were completed and the rail components were completed in a significant section.


There will be 5 systems in the rail system line, which will be 575 thousand 7 meters long. The system, which will have 764 meters between stations, will cost about 26 million lira, including wagons. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey stated that they found a solution to an important problem of Karataş. Güzelbey drew attention to the fact that 5 thousand passengers are transported daily with 30 wagons between the Burç Crossroad and the Station. Gaziantep, Turkey's spent his life telling the cheapest tram project they Guzelbey, "This is our own engineer, was the dedication of our team," he said.

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