The second cable car is being built in Ereğli!

There is no one who does not even know that Ereğli Mayor Halil Posbıyık can not do, the word of the cable car to Göztepe in the election brochures!
Posbıyık's word for this cable car was even a joke in Ereğli from time to time ...
Stay tight!
Halil Posbıyık made a new ropeway project in Ereğli!
As is known, Kdz. Every time in Ereğli awaits zoning revision ...
The company, which will realize the Reconstruction Revision, gave a message to the Municipal Council Members yesterday.
What was the most important issue in this polling?
Cable car project!
The ropeway project, which is included in the new Zoning Revision, starts from the small parking lot located by the stream behind the Terminal and opposite Brown Cafe. So the starting point is this parking lot.
From here it goes to Aktaş hill. It goes to Radar from the transfer station to be built on Aktaş hill.
Kdz. Reconstruction revision project is very important for the future of Ereğli.
However, the Municipality is still dealing with jobs such as ropeways.
The members of the municipal council, who participated in the union of the company that made the reconstruction revision, made a joke to each other, 'Okay, we have solved all the problems of Ereğli with this project' when they saw this project.

Source: Ereğlinin Sesi

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