Chairlifts in Erciyes will work free until the end of the season

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, Erciyes Ski Center, the construction of the company by the end of the construction of all the ski lifts were announced until the end of the season.

President Özhaseki, the people of Kayseri, both to see the investments made in Erciyes as well as the weekend with their children to do it in the name of cheerful way, he said.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmlet Özhaseki, together with Hacılar Mayor Ahmet Herdem, inspected the newly opened facilities in Erciyes Ski Center. Mayor Özhaseki, who came to the ski area at the entrance of Erciyes Ski Center Hacılar, here with the citizens sohbet did. Later, he and his wife Neşe Özhaseki climbed the 2.5-kilometer long chair lift to the 2th meter of Mount Erciyes. President Özhaseki, who went out with the gondola, with the citizens at the second station sohbet and drank tea.
Özhaseki here told reporters, Erciyes Master Project within the scope of the studies began to take fruit. "Erciyes, Turkey's most important ski resort," said Özhaseki, stated that this is the expression of a very ambitious and said knowingly, his speech continued: "Because the whole mountain is planned and will provide 12 months of occupancy, the peak of which is linked, athletes, skiers and pleasure Erciyes is a place for those who want to do. It was a serious effort for this place. We take the fruits of this. Bun
President Özhaseki reminded that 2 organized a groundbreaking ceremony in the Tekir district years ago. Böl The foundation of the 16 facility was laid here. 6 was cable cars and gondolas. 6 was a social facility. There were a few scattering units. 19 will be inaugurated in February with the participation of some of our ministers. Our people in Kayseri, to see what was done here, we took the safety measures to open the service to the ski lifts. The ski lifts and ski lifts here are free to our people during the ski season. This will be the end of the season. We want to see what is being done in these activities where our fellow citizens of Kayseri have been working for years in these activities carried out by our municipality. We want everyone to see who doesn't do skiing. Those who want to breathe this place can come and see. Ler
After the opening, Özhaseki explained that the works will continue for the realization of new projects and said, “The tender for the 4 ropeway was made and construction will start. There will be snow units. Mechanical facilities will be put into service. We will complete them by the end of this year. We do not want to leave any work missing from Hisarcık to Hacılar and Develi as of next year. We are also learning business. God, no trouble. But if there are minor mistakes, we're gonna fix it. Kayseri, these good services would be beneficial. ”
In the region, 2 created a long tail of those who want to go out with a thousand-meter-long gondola system chairlift 500. Ski equipment and those who go up and down the long runway. Pleased with the new facilities, the ski lovers thanked the winners of the projects.

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