Diesel Train Set "Anatolia" on Denizli Rails

In Turkey, close to the city include fast, convenient and comfortable travel for providing the opportunity to affiliate with production by TCDD TÜVASAŞ "Anatolia" from the second of the train set, Denizli time came.

TCDD subsidiary of Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ his request put into practice Diesel Train Set is made and the project of production

The production of the second train set, called "Anatolia", was completed and brought to the rail.

Denizli-Izmir line, which will serve in the train set, between Denizli and Sarayköy was held with the ceremony between the first expedition.

AK Party Denizli deputies Nihat Zeybekci, Mehmet Yüksel and Bilal Uçar, Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Garrison Commander Brigadier General Metin Keşap and other protocol members attended the ceremony held at Denizli Station before the train service.

In his speech at the ceremony, Governor Demir reminded that with the works completed on June 9, 2011, the railway line between Denizli and Izmir was renewed both as a line and as a system so that high speed trains can go.

Stating that the "Anatolian" train can travel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, but considering the level crossings on the Denizli-Izmir line, Demir said:

“While the trains that used to work here had a capacity of 134 people, they are now

200 passengers will be transported at the same time with the "Anatolia" train. Another important feature of Korean-produced in Turkey to be established in cooperation with Turkey in TÜVASAŞ of this train set. The first of these was put into service in Sakarya. Denizli will be the second city where this system works. Here, all the comfort that can be found on a train, such as airplane seats, disabled toilets, announcement system, and information via LCD screens, will be here. "

TCDD 3. Regional Director Sebahattin Eris said that the transportation between Denizli and Izmir would be faster in the next phase.

After the speeches, the "Anadolu" diesel train set made its first trip to Sarayköy. Governor Demir took the seat of a machinist during the expedition.

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