Yusuf Sünbül: Master of Diesel Engines

In the years when I was working as a mechanic on railways, I think 1980 was Spring months, one night at the Gökçedağ Station during Diesel Expedition. we were a little nervous because of the lack of yet to be detected, between the passengers in a white shirt and white pantalonl someone "Captain engine air, pump diesel oil attracts ????" they interfered to him, of course, we could not find the fault and demanded to help (We wanted to bring a robust locomotive)

My master is already overwhelmed, he is said to the man in despair but also on the other hand, he was dealing with my mind, my master quietly

- Let the man fix it, I said.
- What do you know, man?
- Let's see what you're gonna do.
- So let's see if you can see, he said

Fortunately, I said to the man, as If you understand, I am a bakı adnan master X. Adam “I understand,” 15 said.

The poor bugger was looking for the malfunction of the flashlight that we hired on the engine he wore with the white clothes, after the 10-15 took a minute off, X Captain, this isn't like our engines, I couldn't fix it, f the other passengers are laughing at, and the guy is laughing at why they're laughing aval I couldn't make the engine too big. be He said. Actually the other passengers were not laughing at him, they were laughing into his blackened clothes, the poor man was angry and laughing at the ones laughing and curseing his own graveyard, who knows that he humbled me for the train after this.

When our locomotive breaks down on the road, I think of this moment, and laughing, I wonder if such a hero would come.

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