Crazy offer from the Chinese to two giant projects!

The whole world is closely followed by Chinese Vice President Xi Jin Ping's visit 4.3 billion dollar deal signed excreted, primarily in Turkey, including Istanbul Channel 3. The giant projects such as the bridge of Chinese companies are stated to aspire.

Turkey Exporters Assembly held yesterday and Xi Jin Ping, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, Turkey and attended by businessmen in China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum signed a total 1.3 28 billion deal was discarded. In addition, the 3 billion-dollar financial loan agreement was made. According to information provided by the Star of Turkey's most important projects announced by the Prime Minister before the elections Channel Istanbul project and 3. The Chinese also aspired to the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge. China Naitional Machinery and China Communications Construction and an unnamed third Chinese company said that they are seriously interested in the projects conveyed to the relevant ministers. It is learned that these companies have the highest level of technologies, while in official negotiations, it was learned that the Chinese delegation said, 'If you give us the projects, we will complete the construction within half of the time you determine.'

They are waiting for the incentive package

President Murat Sungurlu Chinese Businessmen Association of Turkey, with regard to this project of China's largest construction firms 3 stressing that they expect the announcement of a new stimulus package "as the first 3 immediately after the announcement of the package. the bridge will be the construction of the Canal Istanbul Project and then the tender, "he said. Total 6 billion dollar Marmara Motorway and 3. said the bridge construction work of the first Chinese companies to enter the tender, including Sungurlu, it is said that the reason for the lack of incentives and support mechanisms in Turkey.

'Turkey is one of the most attractive economies'

Chinese Vice President Xi Jin Ping at the meeting, said that Turkey is one of the most attractive economies in the region in recent years. 3 billion dollars in financial and 1.3 billion dollars in trade, including that they 4.3 billion dollar deal signed Ping "until 2001 from 2011 years, according to trade Chinese statistics between Turkey and China than $ 1 billion 19 billion dollars, Turkey and according to the statistics 24 billion dollars. In recent years, Turkish companies to China, while Chinese companies are increasing the rate of investment to Turkey. However, the actual potential was not fully achieved. We will encourage Chinese companies to invest. Biz Prime Minister Erdogan in April Ping also stated that they expect the visit to China, "China and Turkey, and easier to work on trade liberalization should contribute to the recovery of the world economy," he said. Turkish companies have increased their investment in China, Ping also said the rise of Chinese companies investing in Turkey "Political dialogue is not fully spread to commercial investment," he said. Ping, found the proposal to increase the investment between China and Turkey. Jin Ping "the first of my proposal should, increasing the mutual political trust between China and Turkey. Second, we need to increase business partnerships. Thirdly, trade protectionism must be opposed. Üçüncü

Babacan: We want a bank in China

Deputy Prime Minister Babacan, asked the strengthening of relations between Turkey and China established mutual bank. . We want to get a bank license in China and the Chinese banks to come here, Bab Babacan said.

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, in his speech at the Forum on the activities of Turkish banks in China, "Ziraat Bank would be another bank, but established in China, a Chinese-licensed bank will be very useful to enter into service there," he said. . Babacan answered the questions of journalists after the Turkish China Economic and Commercial Cooperation Forum and reminded them that they had given a Chinese bank a license to open a bureau in Istanbul last year and that the bank started to work. To see a Chinese bank was founded in Turkey, Babacan said that they desire "Still would Ziraat Bank is another bank, but the set also in China, there to enter service a bank licensed in China will be very useful. BRSA, will meet, ecek he said. If the question as to whether Turkey will come from China to other banks easygoing "We are open. According to the nature of banking, application processes are covered a little more until the decision is taken. But the door is open. Of course, BRSA has criteria. The door is open to Chinese banks that meet the criteria of the BRSA. Concerning the Chinese interest in Turkish bonds, Babacan said that the actual transactions started a few months ago. As for a question on nuclear energy, Babacan said that a dialogue process between the Ministry of Energy and the relevant units of China will begin. TİM President Mehmet Buyukeksi also touched upon the commercial troubles with China and said that some Chinese firms imitated Turkish products. Büyükekşi şikayet We have complaints about our intellectual property rights. Some Chinese companies continue to produce by imitating the brands of Turkish companies. Some firms apply for the registration of the brands belonging to Turkish companies in their own names. We have a number of problems related to visas, Viz he said.


Zafer Çağlayan, the Minister of Economy, invited Chinese businessmen to invest in Kanal Istanbul, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called a 'crazy project'. Jin Ping's contacts in Turkey and emphasized that it would be of great benefit to China, "We will bring together the two sides of the Asian nation. In this sense, it is important that the two sides come together. Now, Turkey and China are coming to a dominant position in the world, "he said. Chinese Trade Vice President Gao Hu Cheng said, N Yesterday (the previous day), the 3 billion dollar framework agreement was made. In this forum, economic agreements with 1.3 over $ 1 billion are signed. These will make possible the progression of closeness between the two countries, Bunlar he said.

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