Chp'li Öz conveyed his demands for High Speed ​​Train to Tcdd General Manager Karaman.

CHP Manisa deputy, architects Sakineh Self, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman visited about speed train will pass from Manisa. Stating that the use of the existing railway line for high speed train will create problems for Salihli, Öz emphasized that the high speed train should pass through Alaşehir and Sarıgöl. Listening to Sakine Öz, Karaman said they would consider the warnings.

When the discussions about the high-speed train did not slow down and the question marks increased in Manisa, CHP Manisa MP Sakine Öz, State Railways at the beginning of this week? He visited the General Manager Süleyman Karaman in his office. TCDD senior bureaucrats were also present at the meeting. After Karaman asked for the introduction of project maps, the work done to date has been discussed. Sakine, together with Karaman, is looking at the map showing where the line is planned to pass around Manisa.

He transferred the demands of the Manisa people to the general manager.


Explaining that he is an architect, he has been following the projects related to high speed train for a long time, Sakine Öz emphasized that if the high speed train passes through the existing main line in Salihli, it will be a problem for the city. Pointing out that the current railway line divides Salihli in two, Sakine Öz said, “The sewer line also passes here. Salih people are very sensitive in this regard. On the one hand, of course, they expect the high-speed train to arrive in their city, but they want these demands to be taken into account. Salihli

I convey to you the demand of the Municipality's high-speed train line to pass out of the city. ” Stating that different alternatives can be considered for the high-speed train line, Sakine Öz also brought up the proposal that the line can pass under the city without harming the texture of Salihli, as well as the tunnels to be built in Eskişehir.

Sakine Öz, Alaºehir and Sar? Lakes are also fast He stated that they wanted the train to pass through their districts and that these districts had an important population, and said, "I am transferring this demand to you."


Süleyman Karaman, the General Director of State Railways, and his accompanying bureaucrats informed Sakine Öz about the high-speed train project. Expressing that the project previously prepared by DHL has been canceled, Karaman stated that the new project has not been clarified yet. Stating that they will take into account the demands of Sakine Öz, Karaman emphasized that the Salihli line will most likely pass through the city. According to the information provided by Karaman, the high-speed train line is only a few kilometers away from Alaşehir.

it will pass. Karaman, Sarıgöl said they received a request for the request. Before the project became clear, Karaman also pledged to take the views of regional lawmakers and civil society organizations in the city.

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