CHP Bursa deputy from Sena Kaleli fast train question.

CHP Bursa deputy and Party Assembly member Sena Walled, has long Bursa agenda which occupies Transportation to prepare the parliamentary questions about the fast train project, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Turkey moved to the National Assembly with a request to be answered by lightning.
Sena Kaleli stated that the high-speed train project has long occupied Bursa's agenda; Or The high-speed train project has been discussed in Bursa for a long time. However, in Ankara, unfortunately, a very slow path can be taken. For this reason, I wanted to take the process to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and how long it would take to start the campaign. '

Kaleli asked the following questions in his motion:

“What is the date foreseen to start“ High speed train ”between Ankara and Bursa, given that the joint venture group that received the tender will complete the infrastructure work in 3 years and the project's Yenişehir - Bilecik leg and superstructure and electromechanical works? What is the estimated total cost of the "High Speed ​​Train" project between Ankara and Bursa? What is the share allocated from the 2012 budget for the project? At which stage are the works related to the "High Speed ​​Train" project, which is considered between Istanbul - Bursa and Izmir? What is the calendar and anticipated date for the completion of the project? Has the expropriation processes been completed in line with the route determined for the "High Speed ​​Train" project between Ankara and Bursa? How much resources is allocated for this? ”

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