Çambaşı Plateau 10 Million Dollar Facility

Army Governor Orhan Düzgün, Çambaşı Plateau in the activities initiated to make a ski resort positive developments, he said.
Çambaşı Ski Center 300 meter 'beginner' construction is completed, it can be increased later to the master skiers Bin 200 meter indicating that the Governor Orhan Düzgün, ski resort social and touristic facilities for the construction of the entrepreneurs drew attention to the highly demanding. Governor Düzgün, orada Ordu Industrialist Businessmen Association wants to make a facility there. In addition, a businessman who is an army and located abroad, is running a project to make a large sport and touristic facility. In this study, the 200 hotel, 150 bungalow-style highland house, sports teams to camp, including the sports center is about 10 million dollars to establish a facility. We will share the project with the Army as April-May. Bun
Governor Duzgun, Teleski ski center, ski lifts, runways, novice runway, ski house, administrative building, snow-truck, garage and social facilities will take place over time, also the land structure is suitable for a large number of runways. also stated.

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