Meaningful Revision to Bursaray's Kestel Line

Metropolitan Municipality, Bursaray Kestel line while continuing the work, next to the Hacivat Bridge to cut the two historic plane tree went to revision in the project.

The metropolitan city, both of which is a natural monument and previously prohibited by the decree of the court, will not touch the annual trees of 500 and 500 will move north to the 5 meter at a cost of one thousand pounds. So the trees will be cut off.


While the bridge was in progress, the Metropolitan knocked on the doors of the Preservation of Natural Heritage on the historical trees. Hacivat Bridge part of the project within the scope of the project as the road expands to both sides of this historical trees will be endangered, the Board of Monuments did not allow the trees to be cut.

Looking for an alternative to this negative response received from the Board of Monuments Metropolitan, 500 year for the protection of the project with the revision of the project at an additional cost of 500 Thousand to the north of the road to the 5 meter decided to shift further. Thanks to this revision in the project, the bridges will be made without any damage to the trees. Even at the moment the highway passes through the trees, the 2 meters will be further away when the bridges are renewed.

Source: Seyit Gündoğan


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:30

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