Bursa Start of high-speed train line construction

Bursa Start of high-speed train line construction

The high-speed train project, which will end the year-long 58 yearly aspiration of Bursa, has finally reached the construction phase.

Tender contract 30 In order to construct the 75-kilometer Bursa-Yenişehir high-speed train line in Ankara on December, a contract was signed by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in partnership with YSE Construction and TEPE İnşaat.

Thus, the countdown was started at the completion time of 913 in Bursa-Yenişehir YHT line infrastructure construction.
According to my information, 3 continues to work on the construction of separate construction site contractor firm after completing this work, the line of passenger and freight transport to be done together with the latest high-speed train technology will start the construction of 250 kilometers per hour.

In this process, the construction of the 41 kilometer line between Yenişehir and Bilecik will be commenced and the connection between Bursa and 2016 to Ankara-Istanbul is connected to Bilecik and the 2 hour with YHT is at 15. where to go.

Bursa-Yenişehir YHT line infrastructure construction will be very challenging due to the fact that one third of the tunnel and viaduct are formed.
913 related to the 75 kilometer line during the daily process; 10 million 500 thousand meters cube excavation, 8 million 200 thousand cubic meter filler, 1 thousand meters cube tunnel excavation, 600 bin 12 meter 825 pieces drilling tunnel, total length 10 xNUMX 2 825 meter 10 pieces, 6 pieces overpass, 250 pieces overpass and 20 apertures to be made, 40 pieces of 4 pieces 58 pieces, 10 bin 5 meters, 470 bin 20 meter of one of the 515 pieces drilling tunnel, 4 pieces, XNUMX meters Let me state that TCDD started expropriation works on the land of XNUMX million square meters.

This work continues while the contractor firm's route stakes and the clear emergence of the line led to the reaction of the President of Gürsu Agriculture Chamber Kamil Dönmez. Dönmez explained his reaction yesterday:
Uk We have opposed the high-speed train line Gürsu crossing and the construction of a railway station to Kazıklı. According to our findings, this route will cause great damage especially to Gürsu and surrounding greenhouses. The line will pass through these greenhouses and the losses will be generated by the producers will not be able to pay their greenhouse credits. Moreover, we could not make any sense to build a passenger and train station in Kazıklı. There is no settlement and potential to provide cargo and passengers where the station will be built. Therefore, the loss of the road to be opened to the station will be increased from Gürsu to Kazıklı station, the construction of the plain will accelerate. When we made these warnings, we were promised to change the route of Kazikli station and the greenhouses each time. However, we have seen that our warnings have not been taken into account with the piles of the paved routes and no changes have been made in the project. These changes must be done before the work is done and the promises must be kept. Or it will be Bursa again. Yoksa
Dönmez presented the YHT route and the location of the Kazıklı train station from the project when he made this statement yesterday, and he showed the photographs of the greenhouses one by one. It seems that Bursa will lose a lot if the proposed changes are not made.
Dimyat'a go to the house when the rice will be bulgur!

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