Bulgarian Railways Strike Off

Bulgarian State Railways (BDJ) on the verge of bankruptcy ended the 24 day-long strike of workers.

A collective bargaining agreement was signed following the 2500 hour-long talks between the union and the government that organized the strike against the planned 13 personnel reduction in the BDJ.

It was announced that the government accepted a large part of the collective bargaining requirements of the unions. According to the agreement to be dismissed workers will be paid a total of 6 gross salary.BDJ General Manager Vladimir Vladimirov, recalled by the strike due to the lack of train services, the BDJ lost a significant customer also reported that the strike suffered total 1,5 million euros. Vladimirov said the restructuring of BDJ, which has a total debt of more than 400 million euros, is inevitable to be transformed into a profitable company. Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski has announced that all kinds of support will be given for the rescue of BSDJ and the reforms will be implemented without compromise.

Source: Euronews

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