Transportation stopped with Bulgaria.

Due to the collapse of the dam in Bulgaria was alarmed in Edirne. Road and rail transportation between the two countries was stopped.
Updated: 07 February 2012 17: 30
Due to the collapse of the dam in Bulgaria was alarmed in Edirne. on the waters of the Maritsa and Arda rivers overflow it reached the border with Turkey.
Bulgaria was closed to international road transport remained below the waters connecting Turkey. Train services between the two countries were also mutually canceled.

Various measures were taken against the risk of flooding at Kapıkule Customs Gate. Sandbags were set at the customs gate.


The 700 house in the villages of Biser and Leşnikovo collapsed due to the collapse of the Ivanova Lake dam in the Harmanlı region. While the dam collapsed, 2,5 meters were formed and 7 people died. Irena Uzunova, the district governor of the blended district, reported that an alarm was announced in the entire region, and air force helicopters were sent for rescue purposes.

Water overflowing with the destruction of the dam led to great damage to the land and railways. The Belgrade-Istanbul passenger train was derailed near Simeonovgrat.

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