'High Speed ​​Train Project' between Antalya-Istanbul and Antalya-Ankara could not be included in the investment list

The 9th Development Plan / Investment Program for 2012 has been published. Three major projects that Isparta longed for were not included in the program.

According to the data compiled by the Akdeniz News Center from the 2012 Investment Program, the move to build a 'double / double road' of Isparta-Antalya (Dereboğazı) Road, which has been on the agenda for 3 years but has not been taken until now, was also empty for this year. There is no Split Double Road in Isparta-Antalya (Derebogazi) in the published Investment Program. İSPARTA- KONYA: NO
The Split Double Road Project between Isparta and Konya, which has been on the agenda for 3 years, could not enter the 2012 Investment Program.


Unfortunately, İsparta, which has a geopolitical strategic value and is a 'corridor', only preserved its position on the highway. Unfortunately, the 'Fast Train Project' between Antalya-Istanbul and Antalya-Ankara, which took Isparta under its umbrella, could not enter the investment list.

  1. The development plan is close to the High Speed ​​Train Projects included in the 2012 Investment Program as follows:

“- Ankara- Istanbul
- Ankara- Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar- Uşak- İzmir
- Bandırma- Bursa- Bilecik
- Ankara- Kırıkkale- Yozgat-Sıvas
- Anatolian University
- High Speed ​​Train Set ”

Source: News 32


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