Ankara Road will be breathed on Bursa Traffic with New Bridges to be constructed within the scope of Rail System East Stage.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa is rebuilding the bridges built on the Hacıvat, Balıklı and Deliçay streams on the Ankara Highway and rebuilt the 50 years ago.
Mayor Recep Altepe examined the demolition work on the Hacıvat River Bridge, the oldest bridge on the Ankara Highway. To be a more accessible city of Bursa, particularly in the rail system, including the studies in all areas that point to the President of Altepe, BursaRay east of Ankara under the scope of the road to be renewed the work of the destruction of the 3 bridge said.
Rail system eastern stages of working with parallel walked to the bridge of the building stating that the planned completion of 1 years Altepe President, "BursaRay eastern stage, the first time that a municipality rail which was built by the contract with the system of own resources in Turkey. In this context, the construction of the existing bridges on the route of the additional 20 million pounds by adding ourselves as a metropolitan municipality.
President Altepe, 8 kilometer rail system to make the east step on the Ankara Road Hacıvat, Deliçay, and reminded that the bridges on the stream should be renewed. Indicating that these bridges made in the 1960s are old, old and out of date, President Altepe said, Alt As the Metropolitan Municipality we wanted to start the renewal of the bridges in order to avoid losing time. Firstly, the oldest bridge on the route, Hacıvat Bridge, was demolished from Ankara to Bursa. Then the Deliçay and Balıklı bridges will be demolished and rebuilt in the same route. Then the bridges will be renewed in the direction of Bursa-Ankara. 3 strip going, 3 strip will be the new bridges in addition to a double-rail bridge for the rail system to be made., He said.
Underlining that there will be no interruption in traffic in Ankara Road during the bridge works that will be in parallel with the construction of the eastern stage of the rail system, President Altepe stated that transportation will be provided from the East Ring Road during the construction and that the works will be completed in the 1 year. When the construction of the Altepe, railway and bridge was completed, the Ankara Road and the east of the city will be more comfortable and comfortable.



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