I closed the railroad.

That's it, ”I've closed,“ he closes.

Closed road;

Turkey's railway between Istanbul and one of the world's largest city, the capital of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara.

Millions of people traveled by rail between the two big cities where 15 million people traveled each year.

The bu two-line satır statement on the Ministry of Transport is enough to close this:

Inden Due to road works within the scope of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, 01.02.2012 will be available for 24 months after XNUMX; Fatih Express, Ankara Express, Anadolu Express, Meram Express, Eskişehir Express, Başkent Express, Cumhuriyet Express, Sakarya Express and Adapazarı trains were interrupted. Fatih

There are a lot of train trips to the closure.

Additionally; Istanbul-Adapazarı, Ankara-Sincan between jobs and schools because of people who come and go by train every day fell on the road.

It is also said that the shutdown time will be 24 month but 30 month for now.

Who knows, maybe he won't be reopened Kim

Moreover, the closing date begins in February, in the tam heart of winter Üst. Not even the construction season.

Months have passed, there is no preparation yet.

On top of it, lük In some places where the people are intense, the railway lines should be dismantled, and the people can be seen and there is no turning back Üst.

None of the reasons for closing are valid:

If you need to close the old one to make a new one; to make new hospitals, close all existing hospitals, no one should be sick yeni

Close all schools to do school, no one goes to school.

This is shown as the reason for the cut; Geographic conditions, urbanization and expropriation difficulties can not be valid in any way.

In some other projects where urbanization is more intense and the cost of expropriation is much higher, the reasons mentioned above are not included in any way.

For example, the second Istanbul Bosphorus crossing, which has been developed for the opening of the ideas, the Black Sea coast road destroyed by a wave, and a number of entertainment centers and shopping centers, which are foreseen to be constructed, have not been put forward for these reasons.

If the passengers who travel by train between these two cities will go through the road transportation in the next 2 year, the accidents that will be caused by excessive transportation should be taken into consideration besides the load that will be loaded into the economy.

Since the transportation of the railway will be intensified due to the removal of the train services; and it was decided to keep m routine maintenance un for two years except for emergencies on parallel road and to keep the road constantly open.

This means; is not to be maintained on highways.

Despite all these suspicions, people must use democratic and democratic rights in the integration of democratic mass organizations in the face of such events. It should be kept in mind that this closure is a judicial administrative procedure which can be olduğ subject to an annulment action “and a lawsuit should be filed for cancellation.

Who will be responsible for the accidents resulting from these erroneous decisions Bu
We're not asking.

Because of the first application of the high-speed train in Pamukova, 41 death, dozens of people injured and injured in the case that resulted in the two mechanic, such as the case, a traffic police and two drivers will be required to be prosecuted.

Of course, as in the first case, the case is not dropped from the time limit.

Source: First Lead Newspaper

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:42

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