Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Gokcek Telereferikik Inip Metrobüse said Bineceğiz.

Gokcek, who signed the contract for the tender which will include the new 250 bellows bus to the vehicle fleet of the General Directorate of EGO, said: So we will put forward the idea of ​​a new public transport of the cable car plus the metrobus. Yani
The Metropolitan Municipality has signed the contract to add the new bellows bus 250 to the vehicle fleet connected to the General Directorate of EGO in order to provide the citizens with a faster and more comfortable service.
Melih Gokcek, speaking before the contract with MAN, who gave the most appropriate tender for the tender issued by the General Directorate of EGO in December, said:
Our new buses with 18 meters will be equipped with the latest technology. The single bellows, 4 door buses will have a handicapped elevator, air conditioner and camera. The vehicles, which will also work on natural gas, will be able to carry 36 passengers and 116 standing 152 passengers. I think this figure will find 200 in Ankara easily. For this reason, I am waiting for the manufacturer to think about this issue.
The world's greenest and cleanest fleet is in Ankara. We had a thousand 90 natural gas buses, and today we will have a thousand 250 environmentally friendly buses with the new vehicle we will add. This figure makes Ankara the city with the largest natural fleet in the world. The cost of one of our new buses is 340 thousand Euro. This price was much lower than the world prices, and the total cost was 285 million Euros. Maintenance and repair will be done by the company for two years, and the important parts will be three years. There are some plans that we think after these buses arrive. Earlier in Turkey 'Metrobus' the idea that we have. Our goal is to put these buses on certain itineraries with the idea of ​​metrobus. We especially want to feed our buses with cable cars in the steep areas.

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