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Haydarpasa Train Station, due to the work of high-speed train and Marmaray yesterday at the 23.30'ye closed its doors to make the last campaign. 30 will live in ancient Turkish films, which will not be used in the month of historical gar.

It opened the door to Asian and European history from moving Bosphorus Haydarpasa Railway Station, South Anatolia, Fatih, Twin Ankara Express, made the last time because of the fast train operation and the Marmaray Project. 104 yearly train to Ankara, Eskişehir and Adapazarı by train will not be made during the 30 month. Bi-directional line, electric, signal, according to the latest technology. Due to the fact that the existing railway line will be used for the high speed train, flights are suspended. The suburban flights between Haydarpaşa and Gebze will continue until June. When the last expeditions to Anatolia attracted attention to the calmness in the ward, the universities were most upset. Additional bus services will be organized for universities in Kocaeli and Sakarya. The project manager of the renovation project. Atilla Dikbaş said, es Within the scope of historical and urban continuity criteria, we did not carry out a restoration project with the exception of a station building. This place was a station, the station will stay, '' he said.


HAYDARPAŞA Station was built in 1908 as the starting station of the Istanbul - Baghdad Railway line. III. The name of Haydar Pasha, one of Selim's pashas. A German company, under the name Anadolu Bağdat, carried out the building construction. The project, prepared by two German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno, came into force, German masters and Italian stonemas worked together. A large part of the building was damaged as a result of a fire in the ammunition stored in the station depot during the First World War in 1917. The repaired building took its present shape.

Source : Star Newspaper



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