Aliağa Municipality Requested the Logistics Village to Aliağa

uzmar aliaga nemrut held an exercise at the dark socar terminal
uzmar aliaga nemrut held an exercise at the dark socar terminal

Aliağa Municipality, which is planned to be established in the Izmir region, the village of Aliaga, which is located in the center of all transportation networks, decided to establish a concrete support for the work. Aliağa City Council, the ordinary meeting of February, Council member Haydar Karaman took the issue on the agenda. The City Council, Aliaga, logistics village is an open-source industrial trade city that can be open to all the opportunities and opportunities, stating that the establishment of the logistics village in the province of Izmir Aliaga'ya decided to recommend and will be established. The decision will be forwarded to institutions such as Ministries, TOBB.


Aliağa Mayor Turgut Oğuz said, adan Aliağa had a great transportation and logistics potential without the establishment of a logistics village. The container terminals in the Bay of Nemrut, the ports, the beginning of the Çandarlı North Aegean Port and the establishment of the Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone have turned Aliağa into an important production, distribution and export base. Logistic village is needed to plan and manage this potential of such a city and region. The Municipal Assembly has made an important recommendation in this regard. Belediye


Aliağa's aspiration to a logistics village marked the February regular meeting of the Aliağa Municipal Council. City Council member Haydar Karaman brought the issue to the agenda of the Council. Providing comprehensive information about the logistics village to the assembly, Karaman said, “Aliağa is an industrial and commercial city with a population of 68 thousand today. Giant industrial establishments of Turkey are in Aliağa. 100 of the companies in the top 15 are located in Aliağa, 45% of Turkey's iron and steel production is made in Aliağa. Aliağa Chemical Specialization and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ) is waiting for investors in Aliağa. We know that the Ministry of Transport will make a plan for the logistics villages in İzmir. Aliaga; With its strategic location and economic structure, it has the potential to become a logistics base. The closest gate of our country to Europe and the Mediterranean is Aliağa. As Aliağa, we want to take part in this plan.” Said.

“During our visits on this subject in Europe, we saw that the logistics village is an indispensable part of port cities.” Karaman said, “It handles 50 million tons per year in Nemrut Bay. With the commissioning of the North Aegean Çandarlı Port, the cargoes of the Port of Malta will be transferred from this port. With this project, it is clear that the importance of determining the logistics village in the region will increase even more. We think that Aliağa is the most suitable place for a logistics village,” he said.

Noting that the solution to the problems arising from rapid development in Aliağa in recent years is the logistics village, Assembly Member Karaman said that Aliağa's geographical location, rapid industrialization and current success in industry, rapid development and modernization of its ports, positively increasing export statistics, population and population growth rate, economic potential makes the establishment of a logistics zone here as an urgent necessity in terms of efficiency and statistics.” Said.

Aliağa Mayor Turgut Oğuz stated that it is necessary to establish a logistics village in Aliağa, and that they have expressed their will as the local government on this issue, and said, “As Aliağa Municipality, we are ready to give our best support for the realization of such an investment in our city. In order for the future of Aliağa to be more planned and sustainable, the logistics village must be established in our region. All local institutions in Aliağa are ready to support such a project. We are ready to support all institutions of our state that will work on this issue.”

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