The Face of Mount Ali will change with the funicular system

Ali Mountain, which consists of 3 hills on the slopes of Erciyes Mountain and is one of the important centers of air sports, will gain its new face with the project initiated by Talas Municipality. In the work, which is planned to be reached with a funicular system from the recreation area to the auto park on the hill, the take-off runway of air sports will go up to 3 and the existing road will be arranged for mountain biking.
Erciyes University, Faculty of Architecture, Asst. Ali Mountain Pre-Feasibility Project. Assoc. Dr. Burak Asiliskender and his team gave information about the project to Talas Mayor Rifat Yıldırım and the unit chiefs at Yaman Dede Culture House. Burak Asiliskender stated that Talas Municipality has completed the preliminary studies for Ali Mountain in line with the tourism target and that they have examined all kinds of structures of the mountain. Noting that they made arrangements for sports such as mountain biking and jogging on the existing road up the hill, Asiliskender explained that the most important part of the project is the transportation with funicular system from the promenade on the slopes of the mountain to the auto park above. Asiliskender said:
Uz In our study, considering the endemic structure of the mountain, we foresee a funicular system with 890 meter length and 1 meter height. Guests coming to the promenade area will be able to climb to the top of the mountain with a funicular system. As you go up the hill, you can watch the city and reach the summit in a shorter way. According to this, we plan to move about 500 people in one hour and 450 will visit the peak in a year. Now we want to raise the jumping track to three. We are also preparing to make balloon tourism in the mountains. We also tried to make city hotels for air sports to the summit. There will also be museums, restaurants and other social facilities that tell the history of the city. Burada
Speaking after the presentation, Talas Mayor Rifat Yıldırım thanked the team for the pre-master project and said that the advantage of the mountain in many aspects will make things easier. Mayor Yıldırım said, “Here, we can take part in different projects, starting with the natural life museum about the botanic or bringing the life of Kayseri to the mountain. It looks like motor power air sports, but catching the past civilization of Ali Mountain will add a different dimension to the studies. He said, "Good health, good luck".
Expressing that Ali Mountain Pre-Feasibility Project and Erciyes Master Project will enable the city to take the place it deserves from the tourism cake as well as improving the air and winter sports, President Yıldırım, wishing that the XNUMXst Stage of Erciyes Master Plan, which will be opened at the weekend, will be beneficial, He thanked.

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