Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu Answered Criticisms About Ropeway Project

Alanya cable car project is a very old issue
Alanya cable car project is a very old issue

Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu answered the criticism about the cable car project to be established between Damlataş and Ehmedek. Sipahioğlu, who republished the information about the project on the official website of the municipality, “”, said, “The discussions are meaningless. "Everyone who enters the site can learn all the information transparently."

Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu gave criticisms about the cable car project to be established between Damlataş and Ehmedek. Sipahioğlu, who referred to the criticism that the project was approved without discussing it in public opinion from many segments, did not accept these claims. Sipahioğlu, who said: “It is discussed in a meaningless way in the public and it is claimed that there is a lack of information”, the website of the Municipality of Alanya, not only with the zoning commission or councilors of the project. He said that he was focusing on the public.

Answering questions about the issue after the Council meeting Sipahioğlu, "Protection of the Board since the date of approval of the project and by including the annotation of the decision of the board in a transparent manner by publishing the public information we have fulfilled." He said. Following the announcement of Sipahioğlu, the news published on Friday in the municipality site for the first time was published again. Sipahioğlu said,. I think that the press has a transparent obligation to inform the public. There is news about this on the municipal site, Bu he said.

Sipahioğlu said that if the news on the site was read, both the decision of the board and the knowledge of where to begin and where it would be finished would be learned. he said. Sipahioğlu stated that AK Party District President Hüseyin Güney was not informed about the issue and said: ine In the reconstruction commission where the project is discussed, there are both independent and AK Party members. We have conveyed the information in different meetings to our people in a simple way. I do not get information because of the intensity of the congress process süre

Sipahioğlu said that some of the owners of the car made it not to pay the parkomat fee and said: park It is useful to remind some decisions and legal obligations regarding citizens who do not pay parkomat fees. Parkomat charges are not an appreciation fee, but a municipal income which is determined by the legal basis. As stated in the last constitutional court's decision, as the goods and receivables of the municipality are subject to public receivables, we should also note that we have to make the foreclosures of the citizens who have made a habit of not paying as exceptional in this matter ayasa

Sipahioglu, CHP deputy deputy Deputy Attorney Erdogan Toktaş Alanya City Council's grape water project for the participation of citizens to take the share of the law is not legal and said they will carry this issue to the judiciary. Sipahioğlu stated that the municipality does not have any initiative in this regard and that everything is done within the framework of the legal obligation according to the relevant law. '2464 88. In the article 'Water facilities are taken to share the contribution' statement is included. This is a must not appreciate. For him he would complete the information which is missing if he valued the law with the eyes of our dear friend lawyer. They can sue. We also do the necessary defense, Biz he said.

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