Yaşar Karayel, AK Party Deputy of Kayseri, said that there is no problem regarding the high speed train that will reach Kayseri.

AK Party Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel said there is no problem with the high-speed train that will reach Kayseri.

Stating that the works on the high speed train project, which will shorten the journey between Kayseri and Ankara in terms of time, Yaşar Karayel said, “There was a change in the project between Ankara and Kırıkkale. After the tender of this project, the tender of the line between Yozgat and Kayseri will be held. ”

Underlining that there is no problem in the Kayseri leg of the line, Karayel said, “The line between Ankara and Yozgat must be completed. After that, Kayseri leg will be tendered. ”

Source : I www.medyaxnumx.co



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