Xinjiang-Kayaş suburban trains still protest against the inability to start

Sincan-Kayas suburban: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by the capital Ray Project and tunnel work was stopped due to the 6 month before stopped Sincan-Kayas commuter train service has not started yet. BTS, which has the right of public transportation, protested against the commencement of suburban flights with a press statement yesterday.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stopped suburban train services between Sincan and Kayaş on August 1, 2011, citing the BaşkentRay Project and tunnel-bridge works as a reason. Stating that the works will take 3 months at most, the municipality did not even make the tender for the BaşkentRay Project.

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), affiliated with KESK, reacted to the fact that no concrete steps were taken in the study, which usurped the right of transportation of thousands of people. BTS President Yavuz Demirkol read the press statement yesterday (February 25) at 12.00:XNUMX in front of Mamak Train Station. The Saimekadın Community Center, which protects the people's right to transport and organized many protests in the region, also supported the action.

'The public's right to transport is blocked'
Demirkol, who started his speech by saying that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stopped the suburban train services and prevented the public's right to transport and committed a crime, gave information that no work was done and that the BaşkntRay Project tender was not even realized.

Reminding that the 56-kilometer section of the railway between Gebze and Köseköy and Haydarpaşa Station were also closed, Demirkol said, “Thousands of our citizens have been deprived of railway transportation, which is a public service. Suburban trains, especially students, workers, civil servants, retirees, etc. "Our citizens have also been victimized economically from this wrong practice," he said.

'Practices aim at rent'
In the 2002 report of Canac, in the XNUMX report, Demirkol pointed out that the closure of non-profitable lines, the inability to open or sell some enterprises, and the foreseeing of the abandonment of passenger transportation are the main objectives of AKP policies.

Demirkol called on the municipality and the government to return from the wrong decisions, to eliminate the grievances of thousands of people and to claim the public's right to access.

Source: Union. organ

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